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Podcast News

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OWASP Podcast News

OWASP NEWS April 2009

OWASP General News

Global Committees progress
What should the next OWASP Top 10 contain?
Upcoming Conferences
Season of Code 2009
Board Mins.

OWASP AppSec News

5/1 Mythbusting – Secure Code is Less Expensive to Develop
5/1 Getting started with the PHPIS Intrusion Detection System
5/4 Using Denial of Service for Hacking
Struts 2/WebWork Gap Analysis
5/4 Best Practice
Consider External Data Feeds Untrusted
5/4 Protection against Forceful Browsing
5/5 Moth - A new release from the w3af project[email protected]/msg00369.html
5/5 Botnets took control of 12 million new IPs this year
5/6 Enter Formjacking
5/8 8 Reasons Why Website Vulnerabilities Are Not Fixed
5/8 SQL Injection Lessons from X-Force Emergency Response Service Investigations
5/12 Delay of FTC Red Flag Rule
5/13 Botnet is Captured and Studied
5/13 Effective Account Lockout
5/13 Sincerest Form of Flattery

5/15 Does Tokenization Solve Anything?
5/16 Daily Dave and crew talk browser-based client side crypto
5/19 It’s No Secret. Measuring the Security and Reliability of Authentication via ‘Secret’ Questions
5/19 Some Thoughts on the OWASP Top Ten
5/19 Making Secure Code Easier
5/19 Java deserialization issues
5/20 Parameter Pollution
5/28 Don Ankney LayerOne XSS Presentation
5/28 Logging in the Age of Web Services