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Podcast 32

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OWASP Podcast Series #32

OWASP NEWS May 2009 (part 1)
Recorded June 11th, 2009
Published July 21th, 2009

overview-icon-itunes20081106.jpg Feed-icon-32x32.png mp3


Host: Jim Manico
Copy Editors: Andre Gironda and Boaz Gelbord
Participants: Jeff Williams, Boaz Gelbord, Arshan Dabirsiaghi, Andrew van der Stock


5/1 Mythbusting – Secure Code is Less Expensive to Develop
5/1 Getting started with the PHP-IDS Intrusion Detection System
5/4 Using Denial of Service for Hacking
Struts 2/WebWork Gap Analysis :
Apache Struts 1.x AUTOCOMPLETE bug/debate
5/4 Best Practice
Consider External Data Feeds Untrusted
5/4 Protection against Forceful Browsing
5/5 Moth - A new release from the w3af project[email protected]/msg00369.html
5/6 Enter Formjacking
5/8 8 Reasons Why Website Vulnerabilities Are Not Fixed
5/8 SQL Injection Lessons from X-Force Emergency Response Service Investigations
5/12 Delay of FTC Red Flag Rule
5/13 Effective Account Lockout