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Title: Program Manager, OWASP Projects

Classification and time: Full time, salaried

Location and travel: Remote, travel 2-4 times/year as required for in person staff meetings and community outreach

Responsible to: Executive Director

Responsibilities: The Program Manager for OWASP Projects is responsible for the development and implementation of the OWASP Projects operational infrastructure that provides support and direction to the project leaders within the OWASP Organization. This position includes management of the operational processes, policies, and procedures that enables OWASPs Project Leaders and contributors to successfully run their open source software projects.

Key Job Functions:

  • Leadership and Management
    • Oversees the status and progress of all projects in the OWASP Projects infrastructure to ensure that overall program goals are met.
    • This role is not responsible for project management of individual OWASP Projects within the OWASP Project infrastructure, but may give guidance on best practices and strategy particularly as they relate to the overall goals of the Foundation and Projects Program.
    • Develop, implement and maintain the OWASP Projects infrastructure
    • Develop, implement and facilitate the OWASP Projects review and project graduation processes.
    • Develop and implement annual program goals and objectives based on the strategic goals and direction for the organization set the Board of Directors, operational plan set by the Executive Director, and input of the OWASP community,
  • Community Support
    • Serve as the single point of contact for project leaders, reviewers, and end users
    • Operational follow-up of all OWASP Project related questions
    • Facilitate open community discussions for input of project-related policies and goals
    • Assist with setting up new projects, project wiki templates, and materials
    • Document "how to" guides for project managers using the wiki template
  • Documentation, Reporting and Metrics
    • Create and maintain an OWASP Projects Handbook consisting of best practices policies and guidelines for new and existing OWASP Project Leaders
    • Setup and maintenance of an OWASP Projects dashboard with an inventory of projects in the OWASP Projects ecosystem as well as data points and health metrics on those projects.
    • Supply metrics on project activities and requirements, including overall program growth and needs
    • Provide monthly status updates on project activities to the community and Executive Director
    • Keep detailed, up-to-date record of all active and non-active OWASP projects along with criteria used to determine activity status
  • Outreach and Communication
    • Coordinate project promotion and activities at OWASP conferences and outreach events
    • Coordinate the collection of project related updates for announcement on community newsletters, blog posts, annual reports, and other OWASP Foundation communication mechanisms.
    • Maintain an open, projects related mailing list that includes all project leaders and is open for others to join and contribute to discussion related to project activities.
  • Finance
    • Provide input into the annual Foundation budget, including the submission of an annual program budget for OWASP Projects.
    • Monitor project budget requests, ensuring compliance with foundation policies and the project spending policy
    • Seek out and secure project grant opportunities
    • Manage and monitor grant spending for projects awarded funds