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Owasp-DevSecCon Summit, England, April 2017

OWASP is joining forces with DevSecCon to create a Summit focused on the collaboration between Developers and Application Security.

This is not a conference with uni-directional presentations, this is a working summit with working sessions on areas like:

  • Secure Coding,
  • Security Testing/TDD
  • DevOps,
  • Threat Modeling
  • Mobile Security
  • IoT
  • Risk & Governance
  • Privacy & CTO/CISO requirements
  • Secure Design
  • Bug-bounties
  • Browser Security
  • AI for Attack & Defence
  • DDoS
  • Cyber Warfare
  • AppSec Standards;

... and of course, working sessions on popular OWASP projects (lead by its leaders) such as:

  • Zap,
  • Top 10
  • Dependency Checker
  • OwaspSAMM
  • OWASP Guides (Testing, ASVS, Core Review)
  • AppSensor and dozens more.

Using the same model as the past two OWASP Summits in Portugal, this 5 day event will be a 16h day high energy experience, where the attendees are expected to work and collaborate really hard. Every working session will be thoroughly prepared and focused on actionable outcomes.

If you care about Application Security and want to collaborate with the key players in this industry, this is the event to be.

The Summit will occur in England, April 2017, with an entry ticket of $2000 (covering travel + hotel + accommodation + event fee). OWASP is funding a large number of its leaders and other deserving individuals to attend, so if you feel you can't afford this fee, or your company is not in a position to sponsor you, please contact the event organisers.

If you want to be involved, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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