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October 11, 2016

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Teleconference Information:

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Attendance Tracker

Board Meeting Attendance Tracker

Notice of Recording

  • Notice to all attendees - board meetings are recorded and publicly available as of March, 2013
  • Joining the call acknowledges your awareness of recording and consent to be recorded and public dissemination of the recording.

Meeting Minutes

- September meeting minutes

Reading Material

It is a requirement as a board member to fully read all material prior to the start of the meeting

  • Financial statement
- Analysis by Tom Pappas on YTD to September 30, 2016
- September financial package
  • FY 17 Corporate Sponsorship Rates
- Increase corporate sponsorship levels

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order /OWASP Mission

  • Administrative: List of attendees and Agenda bashing (only if last-minute changes to the agenda are needed) (5 min)


Chair's Report - Matt Konda

  • Developer Summit
  • Bill Approvals, Taxes, Staff Meetings
  • OWASP Glue Project

Vice Chair's Report - Josh Sokol


Treasurer Report - Andrew van der Stock

  • Financial statement
- Analysis by Tom Pappas on YTD to September 30, 2016
- September financial package

Based on this information, we are likely to have a reasonable year as long as income is realized in the FY16 financial year. We were looking at about a $150k loss for FY16, and it's currently looking at around $30k loss, which might even improve on that depending on the final training, sponsorship and ticket sales of AppSec USA, and getting on top of our aged receivables, which I believe is a prioritization thing rather than structural.

I am due to meet Tom Pappas on Tuesday during the day. If you want to be a part of the FY 17 budget, please come along - I welcome both existing Board and Board candidates to this discussion. As we are likely to have a near non-profit year, I will be holding the line on unbudgeted expenses if I am re-elected and if the Board will continue to have me as treasurer in 2017. For those Board members with a big project or initiative NOW is the time to get your initiative funded or wait until 2018.

Chapter funds continue to increase. As previously agreed in December 2015's board meeting, I will be sweeping unbudgeted funds from chapters in December 2016. This should become an annual activity to encourage proper financial planning by our larger chapters. I continue to encourage chapter leaders to come up with a plan that is strategically helpful to OWASP's core mission rather than just gold plating their chapter, such as outreach, funding scholarships at Universities, holding a local or regional events, encouraging their members to join and fund on projects of interest to that chapter, and so on. Chapters with a balance of over $5k should present a budget and plan for their funds by December 1. I will personally reach out to these 20-30 affected chapters during October, but would love interested Board members to also help in this process.

Depending on our profitability and end of year bank balance, I am leaning towards a hire of the ED in the early part of 2017. We should be strategic about this role - I personally feel the lack of a financially savvy ED has held us back in 2016, which is reflected in our likely near loss if not zero profit for FY16, especially when considering the financial success of FY15. I encourage the Board to be on the look out for an ED candidate who has strong non-profit financial management, grant writing, and fund raising experience to help us jump to the next level.

Lastly, I will be talking about changes we need to make to bring us into line with good practice at Charity Navigator. We have hit the benchmark lower limit, and FY17 is an audit year for 2016, which will appear in Charity Navigator. If we wish to receive funds from various grant making organisations, we need to strongly align with these good practices, some of which are very simple, some of which are less so. The main one is to make sure it is ultra clear to anyone that our spend on mission is > 80% of our expenses. I will be discussing this with Tom Pappas on Tuesday, as it probably means that we need to make sure that staff costs are allocated to budgets, or demonstrably so. I think we can easily make these benchmarks depending on our financial treatment of expenses.

Secretary Report -Tobias Gondrom


Updated from Members at Large - Tom Brennan, Michael Coates, and Tobias Gondrom

  • Coates - Chapters


  • Carter - Governance


  • Brennan - Projects

- [Website]

Staff Reports

Old Business

All active board proposals are listed here

  • Motion to approve changes to FY17 membership rates (Andrew)

New Business

  • Discussion on FY17 budget with Tom Pappas (up to 45 minutes)

Tom Pappas and AJV will talk you through our budget process and how to get your budget requests through.

  • Discussion on FY17 strategic goals (also includes Tom Pappas) (up to 45 minutes)

This will impact our decisions about budget requests

  • Discussion on unbranded chapters receiving funds (Andrew van der Stock, 10 minutes)
  • 2017 Virtual AppSec

Example of what we are doing with Mark Miller with All Day Devops

We have a number of chapters who hold joint meetings, which is fine, but for them to receive money, they should be branded as OWASP meetings, have signed the chapter leader handbook, and are an acknowledged (and recorded in Salesforce) chapter leader. Otherwise we are funding other organisations to hold their meetings, or worse set themselves up to become independent chapters. I'd like to have a discussion with my fellow Board members to alter the Chapter handbook to ensure that funds can only be disbursed to branded chapter meetings, with requests coming from OWASP chapter leaders who have signed the Chapter Leader paperwork.

Action Items




Motion to close meeting