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OWASP on the Move

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This program allows local chapters or application security conferences to have OWASP presenters on site.

This program allows 3 parties to find each other:

  • Local chapters or application security events that want to attract an OWASP speaker
  • OWASP speakers to entertain OWASP presentations and that want to see the world
  • OWASP sponsors that want to support spreading the OWASP message

Owasp on the Move (OotM) is an OWASP project. Visit the project page to see what the future holds for OotM.

Application Process

The way it works is really easy.

  • Upfront the event organizer sends the OotM request (event details, who to cover, etc...) to Kate
  • If within the rules (see below) it will be rapidly approved by Kate
  • The event organizer updates the OotM section below to track the application
  • After the event is performed the speaker, who made the travel/lodging expenses, e-mails a scan of the receipts to Kate
  • Kate re-imburses up to the approved budget and informs the event organizer
  • The event organizer updates the OotM section below

That's it!

OWASP On the Move Rules:

The following rules apply for the OotM project:

  • The normal maximum amount per speaker is 500 USD
  • Only in special circumstances the maximum amount per speaker can be raised to a maximum of $1000 USD
  • There is a proposed limit of 2,000 USD on the amount of $ provided to any individual per year (*see 'further funding' below)
  • There is a proposed limit of 1,000 USD on the amount of $ provided to any event per year(*see 'further funding' below)
  • There is a proposed limit of 2,000 USD on the amount of $ provided to any chapter per year(*see 'further funding' below)
  • The program will run for 1 year or 30,000 USD (whichever comes first) and then will be reviewed for the value and ROI for OWASP and its community;

So, a chapter can use the sponsorship 4 times a year, with the max of 2 speakers sponsored by OotM for one single event.

  • Further funding: for active chapters or speakers who have reach the proposed financial limits, further funding is possible but will depend on available budget, since priority would be given to chapters below these thresholds

Current demand

Add your demand here:

Current offerings

If you want to (re)do an OWASP related presentation, propose them here with your availability boundaries (timing/geographical)

Upcoming OWASP on the Move Events

Past OWASP on the Move Events

  • 8th Sep 2007: Belgium Mark Curphey, pdp (Architect), Simon Roses Femerling and David Kierznowski presented as part of the OWASP Day worldwide conference.
  • 14th July 2007: Turkey Dinis joined the first Turkey Mini-Conference
  • 22nd June 2007: Belgium Ivan Ristic and Dinis Cruz came to the chapter meeting (sponsored by F5 Networks locally).


Currently the OotM is sponsored by banners on the OWASP home page.

We are looking for sponsors that specifically want to sponsor the OotM project.

Past local sponsors were: