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OWASP Working Session Education Project

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Working Sessions Operational Rules - Please see here the general frame of rules.
Work Session Name OWASP Education Project
Short Work Session Description Set 2009 goals for the OWASP Education project
Related Projects (if any)

OWASP Education Project

Email Contacts & Roles Chair
Sebastien Deleersnyder
Martin Knobloch
Mailing list
Subscription Page
  • How to improve knowledge transfer from OWASP projects towards the community,
  • How to create training material (lessons, classes, courses) from OWASP project material?
  • How to set up an OWASP education baseline,
  • How to setup an OWASP Boot Camp,
  • How to connect to organisation to promote OWASP education content: e.g. universities, other non-profit (or profit?) education organisations,
  • How to organize the OWASP / Conference trainings to make them the best in the world?
  • Can we integrate this into OWASP certification projects?
  • How to setup an OWASP Boot Camp?
  • How to create lessons, classes, courses from OWASP project material?
Venue/Date&Time/Model Venue
OWASP EU Summit Portugal 2008
November 5, 2008
Time TBD
Discussion Model
"Everybody is a Participant"
Please add here, ASAP, any needed relevant resources, e.g. data-show, boards, laptops, etc.
There is plenty of knowledge available inside the OWASP community. This is spread via the OWASP AppSec Conferences and the local chapter meetings, not to forget the books available now. Another, very important way to distribute the available knowledge is to teach! In plenty presentations knowledge is put into slides to share it. The next step is to reuse the information of those presentations and create training material. In a Boot Camp for example, it's not only about telling how to break stuff, but let the attendees break it themselves. Also let them fix the problems, with guidance of the experienced!
Statements, Initiatives or Decisions Proposed by Working Group Approved by OWASP Board
Educational Support on Winter of Code 2008. After the Board Meeting - fill in here.
Guildeline about creating training material. After the Board Meeting - fill in here.
Fill in here. After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

Working Session Participants

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Name Company Notes & reason for participating, issues to be discussed/addressed
1 Sébastien GIORIA OWASP France I actually doing some training in government, company, school, training center oriented to Web security with some OWASP material (WebGoat, WebScarab) and want to see how we can "internationalize" the content for training and see what we can do a very good packages for OWASP. I could not be in Portugal, so I could participate (depending of Time) with Skype && Twitter or other tools
2 Eduardo Neves OWASP Brazil To discuss how the educational initiatives can be liaised with Universities and other educational sources to use OWASP tools and documents on educational actions and market development.
3 Colin Watson OWASP London Interested in how we spread the word to non-technology professions - business owners, procurement specialists, project managers, marketers, graphic designers.
4 Andrzej Targosz OWASP Poland How to spread training in universities.
4 Joaquim Marques OWASP Portugal How to spread training and educational initiatives in universities.
5 James Walden Northern Kentucky University (NKU) Expand university awareness of web application security
6 Carlos Serrao OWASP Portugal, ISCTE/Adetti To work on the dissemination of the OWASP initiatives (tool and documentation) towards web application security teaching at the portuguese Universities.
7 Lucas C. Ferreira I am doing some training on application security.

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