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OWASP Video Game Security Framework

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OWASP Video Game Security Framework (VGSF)

OWASP Video Game Security Framework (VGSF) defines an approach to discovering solutions for strategy, development, operations, and management surrounding security for video game industry business models

Most organizations that operate in the digital landscape approach security as a last afterthought when compared to the overall business strategy and operations. In the recent years it has become more apparent the consequences of such behavior with increasingly amounts of data breaches happening. The cost associated with an organizations loss of intellectual property and other digital assets has reached the millions. With the fast growth of the video game industry (174 billion by 2021 - Newzoo Global Game Forecast) in recent years, it is critical that organizations operating in this space have a strong security posture. Cyber attacks aimed at various components of a business can affect the interoperability, user protected info, end-game product, and overall business model. As more businesses and clients operate in the cyber space its important to leverage security as a way to create sustainable trust , lead competitively, and operate more agile with different types of data.

The framework is comprised of five discipline areas that could produce many best practice methodologies

I. Business Strategy & Risk

II. Governance & Compliance

III. Prevention

This will be one of the largest sections as it is comprised of many different aspects of overall cyber security

IV. Management

V. Service Delivery/ Support