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OWASP Speakers Group

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This is an initiative jointly led by the Global Conferences Committee and the Global Projects Committee

The OWASP Speakers group is an initiative to create a pool of OWASP project/initiative leaders with important projects and great presentation skills who can be drawn from to present on behalf of the organization at OWASP and non-OWASP events worldwide. The GCC will work with the event planners to determine the number of speaking slots for a particular event, and the GCC/GPC will select presenters from the Speakers group based on availability for that event. Members of the OWASP Speakers group are expected to present at least once in any calendar year (starting in 2012) and may resign at any time. As these speakers will be representing OWASP, presentation skills will be a large factor in selection and the GCC/GPC will review speaker feedback provided by event attendees to ensure speaker quality. Individuals that do not participate in the OWASP Track may still apply for membership in the OWASP Speakers group, though we will expect to see video of previous presentations to determine quality.