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OWASP Spanish

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The start of OWASP Internationalization project is great opportunity to make Spanish the first language on which the OWASP site and documentation is fully translated and at the same time share the experience with other people interested in the same objective, Bring OWASP to the world. And this is something I’ve being pushing for some time ago and that could be possible “at once” via SoC 2008.

I understand this is significant effort, but OWASP-Spanish started on 2005 so we have a good amount of contributors from since then, Also local chapters from spanish speaking countries like spain, are very willing to make this happen :).

Objectives and Deliverables

  • Full translation to Spanish of all the release-level document projects. Those are:
    • Top 10 2007
    • Guide 2 (Already translated)
    • Testing Guide (Already Translated)
    • Legal
    • FAQ
  • Full Translation of major sections of OWASP Site
    • Project Main Pages (Release, Beta and Alpha levels for both documents and tools projects)
    • Principles
    • References Section
    • Conferences
    • News (Those currently displayed in OWASP site)
    • About OWASP
  • Evaluation of Spanish translation approach for WebGoat and WebScarab and delivery of this document to Bruce and Rogan for possible implementation in near future.
  • Leverage for deploy of, the domain already exists but is not redirecting correctly.

Out of Scope

Translation of the following sections are NOT in Scope

  • Local Chapters Pages
  • Presentations
  • Conferences
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • All the projects deliverables in Alpha and Beta Stages
  • All the documentation “on development” like Guide Version 3.0
  • Translation of Pages, documentation or tools to other language other than Spanish according to the stated in above section.


  • Spanish Translation Guidelines Ver 1. Done and published to the mailing list by Juan Carlos Calderon.
  • OWASP-Top 10 2007 translation started in the majority by people from OWASP Spain Chapter


If you wish to contribute in the project please join us at mailing list subscription page.