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OWASP Security Busters

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Project About

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what is this project?
Name: Security Busters
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Project Leader(s):
  • Shruti Kulkarni @
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Key Contacts
  • Contact Shruti Kulkarni @ to contribute to this project
  • Contact Shruti Kulkarni @ to review or sponsor this project
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OWASP Documentation Project Template

The main deliverable of this project would be an assessment of the current privacy protection that is offered by popular web browsers for mobile devices (Android, iOS) and desktops. We will document amongst other things the following: a. browser details: name, version number, underlying OS

b. Protection against tracking mechanism, Tracking mechanism used (other than cookie)

c. Capability and usability in removing the tracking mechanism

d. Capability of the browser to show/list the data from the tracking mechanism

e. Presence of addons that list/delete the data


This project would look at different browsers that are used by general population and understand the tracking mechanisms (other than cookies) employed by the browser. These tracking mechanisms are not visible like cookies and need to be explored by getting into developer tools on the browser This sort of tracking has an impact on privacy and to some extent on security. This project would also look at how these tracking mechanisms can be removed or at least how the contents of these tracking mechanisms can be deleted


GNU General Public License


Q3, 2019

  • Start of the project
  • Identify team members
  • Design testbed (use of vms, use of phones)
  • Identify different browsers and their versions for testing

Q4, 2019

  • Implement testbed
  • Install browsers on VMS
  • Commence testing and document the results
  • Publicize the results on the wiki

The plan to start by replicating the experiments/methodology that is found here: Belloro, S., & Mylonas, A. (2018). I know what you did last summer: New persistent tracking mechanisms in the wild. IEEE Access, 6, 52779-52792. , and has been presented by Alexios to the London Chapter meeting in November 2018. Then, we plan to expand the work by including other tracking technologies and third-party software (i.e. addons) that can be used to enhance the protection that is offered by current browsers.

Getting Involved

Involvement in the development and promotion of Documentation Project Template is actively encouraged! You do not have to be a security expert or a programmer to contribute. Some of the ways you can help are as follows: 1. Share the name of the browser on which you have noticed privacy issues 2. Let us know if you have identified any databases that store user information

Project Resources

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Installation Package

Source Code

What's New (Revision History)


Wiki Home Page

Issue Tracker

Slide Presentation


Project Leader

  leader_name1=Shruti Kulkarni
  [email protected]
  leader__name2=Stefano Belloro
  [email protected]
  leader__name3=Alexios Mylonas
  [email protected]

Shruti Kulkarni

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Incubator Project
GNU General Public License 3.0