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Railsgoat is a vulnerable version of the Ruby on Rails Framework and includes vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top 10, as well as some "extras" the initial project contributors felt worthwhile to share. This project is designed to educate both developers as well as security professionals. More information can be found at the "Unofficial" project site, listed below.
The unofficial but maintained project page which includes tutorials, getting started, FAQ, etc. [ RailsGoat Unofficial Homepage]
=Project About=
From the Unofficial project page
''The idea is simple.
Free training for both developers and security professionals.
All of it specific to the Ruby on Rails framework.''
[[Category:OWASP Project]]
{{Railsgoat Info
| project_name = Railsgoat
| project_home_page =
| project_description = Free training tool, vulnerable version of Ruby on Rails with Tutorials
| project_license = MIT
| leader_name[1-10] = Ken Johnson, Mike McCabe
| leader_email[1-10] = [email protected], [email protected]

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