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OWASP Project Manager Activity Reports/August 13 2012

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OWASP Project Manager Report

Work accomplished since July 30, 2012

DHS Funding Proposal
  • The DHS Host Project Funding proposal has been submitted. We are waiting to hear back from DHS regarding possible interviews of our Host Project Team Leaders. We are in the process of scheduling a meeting with all involved to speak about this proposal and the interviews in more depth. Thank you to Kate Hartmann and Eoin Keary for all of their hard work on this proposal. We hope to hear from Deb sometime this week. The proposal is for $25,000 USD.
Projects Set Up
Project Set Up Confirmations
Pending Project Applications
  • XSSER: Waiting to hear back from Project Leader. Will not confirm his identity.
  • OWASP BSI IT-Grundschutz Baustein Webanwendungen Review: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
  • Forensic Guide: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
  • Xelenium: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
  • Intelligent Security: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
Other Issues
  • Updated Creating Project wiki page, studied Project handbook and Project Assessment Criteria
  • Had a very successful on-boarding process. I was very quickly set up with all the necessary accounts, and went through training with Kate Hartmann on the project management work flow for OWASP project set-ups.
  • Naming issue: If a project applicant refuses to give me his/her real name, should I set up the project any way? Would this violate the OWASP Core Value of Transparency?
Day-to-Day Tasks
  • Answering daily project related queries from OWASP Project Leaders and Members
  • Corresponding with project applicants on the status of their applications
  • Setting up projects that meet the 'Sanity Test' on the Incubator Project Applications document (IPA)
  • Confirming set up and status of projects on IPA document that seem to already be set up
  • Creating mailing lists and roadmap pages for projects that are missing this on their wiki pages
  • I've kept the following OWASP Project databases up-to-date for the past two weeks:

Proposal of future activity

  • Continue answering all project related questions
  • Continue setting up new projects as they come in
  • Continue to implement all GPC requests:
    • Meet with the Committee to discuss project lifecycle, project processes and Project Reboot
    • Build and implement marketing standards and offerings for OWASP Projects
    • Continue managing Project databases and keeping them up-to-date
  • Manage the current 200+ OWASP projects
  • Research more project funding possibilities