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OWASP Presentation Log

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A community maintained log of OWASP presentations around the world.

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Have you presented on application or OWASP somewhere in the world? If so, please add your info to the table below!


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When (YYYY-MM-DD) Presenter Topic Audience - Developer / Security Where Link to Slides/Video
YYYY-MM-DD o w a s p
2013-04-19 Manuel Lopez Arredondo Protecting Web Applications with ESAPI and AppSensor Developers / Security GuadalajaraCON 2013 Slides
2013-04-24 Simon Bennetts, Dan Cornell Running a Web Security Testing Program with OWASP ZAP and ThreadFix Developers / Security Online
2013-04-04 Sébastien Gioria HTML5 and Security - Where we are ? Security : French Security Conference for CISO Paris, France - GSDays 2013 Slides (French)
2013-03-01 Sébastien Gioria How to automatize security testings Developers Montreal, Canada - Confoo 2013 Slides (French)
2013-03-01 Michael Coates Looking Forward - Protecting Critical Applications with OWASP Security: RSA Security Community San Francisco - RSA Conference Slides
2013-02-27 Sébastien Gioria OWASP Top10 2010 for JavaScript developers Developers Montreal, Canada - Confoo 2013 Slides (French)
2013-02-27 Antonio Fontes Security during web application development and procurement Developers Montreal, Canada - Confoo 2013 Slides (French)
2013-02-12 Sébastien Gioria OWASP Top10 Mobile - Attacks and Solutions on Windows Phone 8 Developers Microsoft Techdays 2013, Paris, France - [1] Slides (French)
2013-02-02 Simon Bennetts Practical Security for developers, using OWASP ZAP Developers Brussels - FOSDEM Video
2012-11-30 Marian Ventuneac OWASP Projects and Resources You Can Use Today - An Overview Security Bucharest - Defcamp 2012 Slides
2012-11-09 Marian Ventuneac Building Secure Applications: SQLi Training Session Developers OWASP Limerick Day Slides
YYYY-MM-DD o w a s p