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This page is for people to post OWASP related news items, like new releases, updates, or announcements. If the news is about application security but NOT OWASP-specific, please post it to Application Security News.

For older stories, please refer to the following pages:

This page is monitored, and stories will be copied to the OWASP Main Page. Please post new items at the top of the list using the following format:

; Mon ## - Headline for announcement
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Jan 14th 2008
Twin Cities Chapter - Presents Bruce Schneier - The Economics of Information Security
Oct 10 - OWASP LinkedIn Group
OWASP Linked'In Group set-up
Ju1 13 - OWASP Newsletter 10
$28K available, OWASP Moderated AppSec News Feed, OWASP on the Move Events
Jun 10 - OWASP Newsletter 9
Top Ten 2007 FINAL!, More SPoC details, lots of pages updated
Apr 17 - OWASP Newsletter 8
OWASP SpoC projects selected, new OWASP WeBecki tool, OWASP Code Review project, OWASP updates and much more
Mar 30 - NYC and New Jersey Chapters Combine
Over 500 Members combined!
Mar 19 - OWASP Newsletter 7
Featuring the new OWASP Spring of Code 2007, OWASP Chapter activities and introducing the new OWASP SWAAT Project. As always this newsletter is stuffed with the latest OWASP updates, blog entries and Web Application Security updates!
Mar 6 - OWASP Newsletter 6
OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 finished, XML Gateway Eval Project, OWASP updates and much more
Mar 3 - Good OWASP Blog Posts
Feb 23 - OWASP Newsletter 5
OWASP Conference Europe, OWASP Tiger, OWASP Testing Guide v2 Published and much more
Jan 31 - OWASP Newsletter 4
OWASP TOP 10 RC1, WebGoat 5.0 RC1, OWASP Documentation Projects and much more
Jan 22 - OWASP Newsletter 3
OWASP projects that need your help, OWASP Java Project, OWASP Live CD, Latest additions to the WIKI, OWASP references in the Media
Jan 16 - OWASP Newsletter 2
2nd OWASP newsletter with: OWASP News, Featured Projects, Featured Stories, Latest Blog Entries, Latest additions to the WIKI, OWASP Community, Application Security News and OWASP references in the Media.
Jan 7 - OWASP Newsletter 1
First OWASP newsletter with information about what is going on in the OWASP world
Jan 2 - The Best Security Books Reference OWASP
There are over 50 security books that reference OWASP. Many of the authors are contributing to OWASP, speaking at our conferences, and participating in our chapters. Some of the books just recommend OWASP, but many are structured around OWASP, and others have whole chapters dedicated to our tools.