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OWASP Merchandise

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How to Request OWASP Merchandise for Chapter Leaders and OWASP Members

Chapter Leaders when before submitting your request please check your chapter fund balance to see make sure you have the available funds to cover the merchandise and shipping being requested. Complete the Merchandise Request Form* and we will get back to you regarding your request. Any questions regarding merchandise orders please use our contact us service desk.

  • Non-OWASP members, please contact OWASP Marketing. [[email protected]]and include the following information:
    • Quantity and item
    • Complete address with contact person, phone number and email
    • Invoice will be emailed for complete cost. (merchandise, shipping, duties, taxes and fuel charges if applicable)
    • Payment confirmed package ships.

OWASP Branded Merchandise for Purchase


Got OWASP? Stickers, $0.15 each
Got OWASP Sticker Small.JPG


OWASP Pens (black ink), $0.85 each

Merchandise Pen - Edited.jpg


Blue Foam Rockets, $2.00 each

Merchanndise - OWASP Rocket.jpg

Stress Dudes

OWASP Stress Dudes, $3.25

Stress Dude.png

Small Notepad - Not Available

Blue Notepads with white OWASP logo(pen not included)-OUT OF STOCK, $2.25 each

Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover, $1.35 each

New WebCam cover.jpg

Cornucopia Cards

$12.00 each


Elevation of Privilege Card Game

Elevation of Privilege Card Game, $12.00 each

Bee Beanies

Bee Beanies, $7.00 each

Merchandise - Bee Beanies.jpg


OWASP Lanyards, $2.00 each



OWASP Mug - Black Mug with Yellow OWASP logo, $4.75

Bags - Not Available

OWASP Yellow Drawstring Backpack, OUT OF STOCK, $2.15 each

Messenger Bag - Black Attache Shoulder Bag with OWASP Logo, $32.00 each

Merchandise - OWASP Messenger Bag.jpg

Table Cover

Blue Tablecloth with white OWASP logo, $190.00 each (used for conference booth tables)

OWASP Table Cover.JPG


Black Backpack, $48.00 each

Ball Caps

Black/yellow Baseball Hats, $14.50 each


OWASP Shirt (Female) Black t-shirt with white logos $14.00 each
small, medium, large, X-large, and 2X-large

OWASP T-Shirt.JPG |-


The Conference Banner - $325.00 estimate

Owasp ISM8 FINAL bluebanner 300px.png

The Honeycomb Banner - $325.00 estimate



Most OWASP Books can be downloaded for free at Lulu's OWASP Storefront.

Printed copies of the OWASP Books are also available for purchase at Lulu's OWASP Storefront. If you would like to order books and have them billed to your local chapter or event, please contact us.