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OWASP Local Chapters

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The OWASP Chapters program helps to foster local discussion of application security around the world. Our Local Chapters are free and open to anyone. Sales activities are strictly prohibited, although vendors who can provide useful application security information are welcome. Generally, Local Chapters meet between monthly and quarterly, and have presentations and discussion of key application security topics. Many of the OWASP presentations are available for everyone to use.

Joining a Chapter

To join a Local Chapter, simply sign up on the appropriate mailing list and introduce yourself. You can find out about the next meeting by checking the OWASP Portal page for your Local Chapter, or by watching the OWASP Community events on the OWASP Main Page. All of the mailing lists can be found here.

Around the World


Starting a Chapter

If you would like to start a Local Chapter, please submit a request and confirm that you:

  • Have read the and agree to the Chapter Leader Handbook and agree to the rules it set.
  • Will commit to organizing at least quarterly meetings
  • Will find a stable location for meetings
  • Will find great speakers
  • Will publicize the chapter and recruit new members
  • Will keep the chapter non-commercial

You don't need to be an expert in application security, just motivated to organize meetings. There's a lot of help available from other Local Chapter leaders. So get your community moving and start a local OWASP Chapter!

Move those Presenters!

To support Local Chapter meetings and (web application) security conferences we started a travel-support program for OWASP presenters. If you are interested in attracting an OWASP speaker to your event, have a look at OWASP on the Move!

Chapter Support Materials

  • For the OWASP Chapter Leader Handbook which includes rules and regulations, click here.
  • For OWASP Chapter resources, click here.
  • For OWASP Chapter presentations, click here.
  • For the OWASP news item template, click here.
  • For OWASP Chapter promotion tips click here.
  • For OWASP Branded Chapter Supplies please fill out this Google Form for requesting general OWASP promotional materials. Also, to view apparel available through our 3rd party vendor click here

Local Chapters by Geographic Region

Subcategories are listed alphabetically by state, province, or country as applicable.