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OWASP Joomla Vulnerability Scanner Usage

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    Usage: [options]
   --url | -u <URL>                         |   The Joomla URL/domain to scan.
   --enumerate-components          | -ec    |   Try to enumerate components.
   --cookie <String>                       |   Set cookie.
   --user-agent | -a <user-agent>   |   Use the specified User-Agent.
   --random-agent | -r                   |   Use a random User-Agent.
   --timeout <time-out>                  |   set timeout.
   --about                                      |   About Author
   --update                                    |   Update to the latest version.
   --help | -h                                 |   This help screen.
   --version                                   |   Output the current version and exit.

Do default checks:
        perl -u  
        perl --url
Check: check
         This option will check if the scanner update is available or not.
Update: update
         This option will check and update the local database if newer
         version is available.
Download: download
          - Download the scanner latest version as a single zip file -
Defense: defense
         This option will give you a defensive note.
About: story
         This option will give you a short story about joomscan.
Read: read DOCFILE
          DOCFILE - changelog,release_note,readme,credits,faq,owasp_project