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OWASP Hive Project

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Temp introducer URL

email me and I will give you the details if you would like to try the test grid

What is it?

The HIVE project started out as an idea for a learning platform by using some small capable pc to do our bidding. That works very well you can stand up a gazillion different servers if you want. The issue - to be a hive we need to connect in some kind of secure anonymous cool way! Using TAHOE-lafs as a storage solution we are able to interlock anything we do into the GRID. What’s the GRID? The GRID is a group of Tahoe enabled capable computers (The BeagleBone Black) could be any computer. The idea is to share data across a GRID in a secure anonymous fashion. Using Tahoe-LAFS we can share and distribute project files lots and lots of data all gathered from the GRID. This uses “provider-independent security” that means I don’t know what your data is and neither does anyone else. Only you know what you uploaded so unless someone beats you with sticks until you hand over you unique URI. It’s all secret! URI looks something like


Currently I am using a 3 to 10 ratio that means you will need at least 3 storage nodes to retrieve files from in order to download your erasure encoded stuff. There are two kinds of files: immutable and mutable. When you upload a file to the storage grid you can choose which kind of file it will be in the grid. Immutable files can't be modified once they have been uploaded. A mutable file can be modified by someone with read-write access to it. A user can have read-write access to a mutable file or read-only access to it, or no access to it at all. If you want more details the link will take you to a site interactive illustration by Drew Perttula

One way I can see the HIVE used is a file archive10-1000 nodes strong. Or even a perk or prize like anonymous storage for OWASP members. The end goal is to provide a global grid for all with any amount of users that can use the GRID; a large, diverse ecosystem of people and organizations who want a storage grid with extremely high reliability and availability.

The milestones that I anticipate are:

Sweet user interface Find a LCD for the BeagleBone Black for IP or stats scrolling. The HIVE setup currently shows the nodes in real time. (expand more on this) Make a proposal to OWASP for a more stable introducer and private GRID.

Tahoe-lafs homepage

What does this OWASP project offer you?
What releases are available for this project?
what is this project?
Name: OWASP_Hive (home page)
Purpose: The HIVE is a bunch of small computers in a cluster or stand alone.

hive (noun)

a. Structure for housing bees aka (WASPS), especially owasps.
b. Colony of bees/owasps living in such a structure.
2. A place swarming with activity.
v. hived, hiv·ing, hives
1. To collect into a hive.
2. To store (data) in a hive.
3. To store up; accumulate.
1. To enter and occupy a hive or network.
2. To live with many others in close association (OWASP).
Phrasal Verb
hive off (term used when gathering)
To set apart from a group: hived off the department into another division.
License: N/A
who is working on this project?
Project Leader(s):
  • Jason Johnson @
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Key Contacts
  • Contact Jason Johnson @ to contribute to this project
  • Contact Jason Johnson @ to review or sponsor this project
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