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OWASP EU Tour 2010

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OWASP Europe (and more) Tour 2010

AppSec US 2010, CA September 7 - 10 Irvine, California, USA Samy Kamkar, Dinis Cruz, many more
OWASP Leeds September 15 Leeds, UK Samy Kamkar, Dinis Cruz, Michael Jordan
OWASP Ireland 2010 September 16 - 20 Dublin, Ireland Samy Kamkar, Dinis Cruz
OWASP Belgium September 21 Leuven, Belgium Samy Kamkar, Justin Searle
OWASP Netherlands September 23 Amsterdam, Netherlands Samy Kamkar
BruCON 2010 September 24 - 25 Brussels, Belgium Samy Kamkar, many more
OWASP London October 1 London, UK Samy Kamkar
OWASP Sweden October 4 Stockholm, Sweden Samy Kamkar
OWASP Denmark October 6 Copenhagen, Denmark Samy Kamkar
Athens Digital Week 2010 October 7 - 8 Athens, Greece Samy Kamkar, many more
OWASP Slovakia October 11 Bratislava, Slovakia Samy Kamkar
OWASP Portugal October 15 Lisbon, Portugal Samy Kamkar (Click to see Samy's talk - after minute 8'04) << you can trust the unauthentic certificate :)
LASCON 2010 October 29 - 31 Austin, Texas, USA Samy Kamkar, many more
AppSec Brazil 2010 November 18 - 19 Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil Samy Kamkar, Dinis Cruz, many more