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OWASP EU Summit 2008 Tasks

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Active tasks (with owner)

  • Sort our 'Travel Arrangements' model for OWASP paid people - Paulo Coimbra
  • Add list of Working Sessions (OWASP_EU_Summit_2008_Working_Sessions) to main Agenda (OWASP_EU_Summit_2008) - Michael
  • First pass at the marketing materials. That is:
    • List of Working Sessions (and its order) - Mark Roxberry
    • List of Conference presentations - Paulo & Michael
    • List of Training courses (Being worked by Eduardo Neves with the support of Dinis Cruz)
    • List of Sponsorship opportunities (Being worked by Eduardo Neves with the support of Kate Hatmann)
    • Leaflets and brochure about the Summit - (TDB)
  • Liase with Lulu in order to prepare a store at the event (Being worked by Eduardo Neves)
  • Contact all OWASP Corporate members and invite them to Summit (with OWASP covering accommodation cost of 1 person) - Eoin
  • Contact the organizers of the Security conference that is happening in Lisbon/Portugal and see how we can work together: - Eduardo
  • Make sure all Working Sessions have an assigned lead, and that they are working on providing the details OWASP_EU_Summit_2008_Working_Sessions - Mark Roxberry
  • Create OWASP Summit Powerpoint template - Cassio Goldschmidt

To Do List (no owner)

  • Create OWASP Summit Powerpoint presentation for distribution at OWASP Chapter meetings and presentation at OWASP NYC Conference (please check one initial example here)
  • Figure out how to setup an OWASP conference call , and book one for the next couple days
  • Create a message for Managers and non-technical professionals who might still be interested in the conference (following Brandi's comments)
"I am interested in application security BUT I am not a technical developer--I am a manager of a team inside the security group who now has to think about appsec.
"... I have run into a few folks like this in my travels around ... and I see very clearly how this peripheral audience has great interest in what we offer but looks at the listing 
of talks and does not see a good path of how to be involved.  We even see this at chapter meetings here in ...--execs and managers come out when there is a wider net around the talk. ...
  • Contact the leader of the OWASP Portuguese chapter and get them involved in the Summit
  • Support the Key Working Session: OWASP_Advisory_Board . The first step is to sort out who will be the first set of OAB members
  • Support the Key Working Session: ISWG:_Browser_Security . The first step is to get Arshan to complete the action plan so that we start contacting all major Browser developers (Kuai Hinojosa - I will work with Arshan on this)
  • Support the key Working Session: ISWG:_Web_Application_Framework_Security . The first step is to get Arshan to complete the action plan so that we start contacting all major Web Framework developers
  • Contact the OWASP Top 10 leaders and contributors to get them to start working on the action plan for their Working Session at the Summit [[1]]
  • Sort out a solution for remote dial-in for contributors that are not able to go to the Summit. There needs to be a technological solution (Skype?, equipment required on the day?) together with a process (where will people dial-in?) and people (who will participate? (I like the idea that people have to pre-register before the event, so that we keep track on who is going where (maybe we can even dial out (Skype) from the Summit, or only give the name of the Skype account used to the remote people who participate)

Completed Tasks (with links to work done)

  • Create OWASP letter to University of Algarve regarding partnership - Eduardo Neves , Josh P (Status: Done and waiting feedback from University of Algarve)
  • Sort all SoC presentations organized in 'logical' groups for example: documentation projects, black box tools, white box tools , OWASP internals etc (see for example how BH broke their tracks for each day: Michael

Responsibilities Areas

Please request access to eduardo.neves (at)
  • Media & PR message: Joshua Perrymon
  • Deals (& prices) for attendees, sponsors, OWASP members & training
  • Design: Sara Cruz
    • Hotel: Paulo Coimbra
    • Travel: Dinis Cruz
  • Contact all OWASP Corporate members and invite them to Summit (with OWASP covering accommodation cost of 1 person): Eoin Keary