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OWASP Connections Committee Minutes 1-5-2010

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Minutes 8:30/2:30 call - Dinis, Justin, Robert, Lorna present

Welcome to the committee from Dinis

Elections - candidates to get the five votes required

New time for standing calls 10pm on Tuesdays - Robert and Lorna in Central time, Justin and Dinis on BST time

Review of committee responsibilities, and to shape priorities

We don't always need to do the work - we just need to make sure it is occurring

We may end up starting a lot of things - newsletter a great example. Get started, and hand off to someone to keep running

First 3 areas

  • PR (including newsletter) (Lorna)
  • training courses (Justin)
  • promoting OWASP to non-core groups [developers] (Robert)

Robert - one of the problems realized in Austin OWASP group - we have a hard time talking to CISOs

  • Lot of stuff outside of web app sec - we get pigeon holed
  • Great bridge is to put on mini-conference on open source apps that affect organizations (wordpress, drupal, joomla etc).
  • Ideas on how to make OWASP more attractive by speaking same language
  • ways to utilize existing platforms and tie back to existing vision

Lorna - minneapolis pitching for next OWASP conference

  • outreach to CISOs

Robert - cloud an opportunity to reach CISOs, talk with them about what their real needs are

  • third group is developers
  • not chasing the people who don't think security is important
  • we want to be accessible to people who think its important and want to learn

KPIs - how many people we enabled the presentation of OWASP who'd never heard of us before

List of conferences to target non-security conferences - justin target IGE