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==== OWASP CaptureTheFlag ====
'''Capture The Flag @ OWASP Appsec Europe 2008: Belgium (21-22 May 2008)'''
On the needs of the Capture The Flag contest the Wargame from Confidence 2008 was reused.
[ Here] you may find the walkthrough of how the the winners of the Capture The Flag solved all the tasks during the OWASP Appsec Europe 2008 conference in Belgium.
Capture The Flag was set up by the:
* Pieter Danhieux
* Filip Palian (filip.palian _at_
* Przemyslaw Skowron (
'''Wargame @ Confidence 2008 (16-17 May 2008)'''
The Wargame primary goal is to provide you with the possiblity of checking your knowledge and skills in the context of the Web Application Security. It consists of few tasks  with different levels of difficulty. The answers from every task should be entered into the answer form. The final score depends on the amount of the correct answers and time when the answer form was submitted.
[ Here] you may find the walkthrough of how the HISPASEC team (the winners of the Wargame!) solved all the tasks during the Confidence 2008 conference in Cracow (Poland).
[ Here] you may find the VMware image (and [ README]) with the whole Wargame set up.
Now you may try your best at home. Good luck!
The authors and organiazers of the Wargame @ Confidence 2008 were:
* Filip Palian (filip.palian _at_
* Przemyslaw Skowron (
* Andrzej Targosz - OWASP [[Poland]] Local Chapter leader

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