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== Wish List ==
== Wish List ==
* Build/save/replay attack and processing sequences.
* Sort/view XSS Attacks by affected browser type.
* CAL9000 Editor: Front end to add/remove/edit XSS Attacks, Wrappers, Testing Tips, etc.
* Save HTTP Requests/Responses to XML file for viewing/replay.
* More robust Regex builder/tester.
* CAL9000 Report Builder.
* What features would you like to see added?
* What features would you like to see added?
[[Category:OWASP CAL9000 Project]]
[[Category:OWASP CAL9000 Project]]

Revision as of 03:27, 15 November 2006

The project's overall goal is to...

 Provide a centralized framework for the organization and use of a variety of tools that can
 assist web application security testers with their manual testing efforts.

In the near term, we are focused on the following tactical goals...

  1. Implementing major upgrade to the HTTP Requests function.

Version History

July 30, 2006 - v1.1:

  • Focus of this Release: Upgrade Encode/Decode function.
  • Added Uppercase check box
  • Added Trailing Character text field
  • Added Delimiter text field
  • Added Include Unselected Text check box
  • Added Wrappers
  • Added several Encoding/Decoding types
  • Added ability to Encode/Decode selected text only
  • Added Store/Restore functionality
  • Added Selected Text processing
  • Added Error/Informational Message functionality
  • String Generator can handle larger string sizes
  • Minor Bugfixes w/ URL Encoding
  • Minor Bugfixes w/ Save State processing

May 18, 2006 - v1.0.

Wish List

  • What features would you like to see added?