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OWASP Board Meeting December 1, 2009 Agenda

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Please review the progress of the Global Committee and prepare your report to status on old business and new business.

When Tue Dec 1 5pm – 6pm GMT (no daylight saving) Where 1-866-534-4754 Code: 7452912855


IDEA CATCHER: Kate Hartman


2009 Review of outstanding items

Outstanding items for 2010

  • RFQ Outsourcing OWASP Website/Mailing Lists etc & Larry Support
    • Question: Is the scope of this RFQ just the OWASP archive proposed by Matt Tesauro or all of the OWASP IT infrastructure?


  • Welcome New Board Members - Matt Tesauro and Eoin Keary
  • OotM Budget + request by NL & IBWAS for Kuai
  • OWASP Certification position vote

Finance Report


- 2010 Budget

P&L as of Nov 2009

- Proposal - The Foundation should produce an annual report similar to  I suggest that we draft one (many of the materials are available) and target a Q1 release - perhaps along with the T10.

Committee Reports

- Please review Global Committee Reports before meeting

- Board Member 3 Month Rotation of Global Committees Oversight (Draw Straws)

Membership Committee

- Membership Report 755 - Alison Report

- Linked'In OWASP Group Members = 4718

OWASP Election Process

- Proposal to adopt the process followed in the recent board election as OWASP's standard election process, with action items for the membership committee to resolve before the next election:

  • examine the policies around who will be allowed to vote
  • work on email address problems (including mass email service)
  • define policies surrounding campaigning
  • explore "approval voting" instead of mandatory 2 candidate vote plicy
  • define process for releasing the results
  • work with voting system vendor to do security testing?

Brazil Conference Issues

Discuss the resolution of issues raised about AppSec Brazil

Can we be more specific about the recommended actions here so the board can approve?

Done below. --Mtesauro 23:54, 30 November 2009 (UTC)

(1) Determine the group that should resolve the raised issues

  • A group consisting of at least 1 board member and several committee representatives should be created to resolve the issues
    • I suggested that Jeff Williams be considered for the Board representation since he has a legal background.
  • Exclude from the group any person who attended the event to remove any question of bias
    • Board members Dinis Cruiz and Matt Tesauro should be excluded from further involvement since both attended the event
    • Any committee member that attended should also be excluded - e.g. Pravir Chandra

(2) Produce a document of the situation and resolution determined by the group chosen above.

  • The group should review the collected data, further discuss with the parties as necessary with the goal of documenting the situation and outcome

(3) Where needed, recommendations to avoid these issues in future should be presented to the board and the appropriate committee(s)

Google doc with background information

Update: The group has produced a report here --Mtesauro 22:19, 22 December 2009 (UTC)

2009 Summit

AppSec DC

- Profit Loss Report - Is there interest in Annual OWASP Federal Conference in DC? - Videos of APPSEC DC Summit online ETA ?

Training Conference Idea

- Proposal to offer "OWASP" courses or training conferences in major cities. Not certification, but evangalism through instruction (McGovern). Allows OWASP to become the "body of knowledge" without providing a type of certification. Cover trainer costs with a 25/75 revenue split. Model Trainer Joe teaches a one day class in Austin. $675 X 10 Students = $6750. Joe's expences = $1000. Net split = %25 to Joe - $1437.50  %75 to foundation - $4312.50. Pricing variable as possible added benefit to corporate sponsors? Earmark funds for SOC or Public Relations?

- 2010 Agenda

- Proposal for 2011 Summit/Conference - Las Vegas

Chapters Committee

2010 focus:

  • Identify & reactivate inactive chapters
  • Actively support chapters with mentorship- and speaker program
  • Roll out College OWASP Education kit through chapters

- How many active chapters? How many leaders showed up at Summit from them? What is action here?

- Start "OWASP College Chapters" program. Provide a full "kit" of materials to college student chapter leads. Goal is to get a touchpoint in every college with a CS department around the world. Chapter goals are to raise OWASP awareness by students and to influence the curriculum.

Education Committee

- The Certification Update

- Proposed statement about OWASP getting involved in certification.

2010 focus:

  • academic outreach
    • Increase # academic members
    • Introduce OWASP material into curriculae
    • Support Appsec research grants for students
    • Organise events at universities
    • Participation in research programs (e.g. advisory boards)
  • OWASP BootCamp
  • Roll out College OWASP Education kit through chapters

Projects Committee

- Proposal to start SOC with 90K grant Update

- OWASP-CRM Project - Overview/Update/Roll-out for OWASP Foundation - click here

- OWASP.COM Google Domain what is action?

- Proposal to start a "Provider Registry" for ASVS - Personally, I'm not sure that it's a great idea. Without some attestation as to the skills of the organization, it's essentially worthless. And I don't think that OWASP is in a good position either philosophically or organizationally to be doing reviews of organization's skills. To me, this is just like certification. We shouldn't do it, but it might be ok for us to define some criteria for organizations that do it. So I can imagine an "Application Security Verifier Criteria" that lists certain criteria for performing verification services (years of experience, number of apps, OWASP member, OWASP contributor, number of confirmed vulnerabilities found, platforms supported, ASVS levels supported, etc...)

Industry Committee

- Public Relations

- Special Interest Groups (result of summit) click here

OWASP Industry Outreach (OIO) -EK

A few ideas in relation to the industry outreach idea:

Objective: For OWASP to listen to industry, government, national enterprise state bodies and other standards organisations in relation to "what are the real problems facing you?" & "How can OWASP help?", "How do we mature web application security" To define a roadmap consisting of both short term and long term goals. Short term goals must support the longer term objectives.

Limit the activities defined to a very short list that is achieveable and measureable within one calendar year.

1.Invite-only event + limited OWASP leaders (cant overwhelm event with OWASP delegates!)

2.Identifying a cross-section from many verticals. (Gov, FS, Energy, Transport, Telecoms, Dev, Retail, etc) Might have a break-out session for each of the industry verticals.: Closed session where delegates can discuss openly issues facing them and challenges. Limited to 2 hours. Each group session nominates a delegate to present findings to the whole group (all delegates)

3.NDA/Code of conduct doc to be signed by ALL delegates. Organizations wont send delegates or speak openly unless there is some from of information control.

4.Wider meeting & presentations (from majority industry delegates and some OWASP) to all attendees on what issues they have, in order of priority. - we listen to industry

5.OWASP Board Panel discussion

6.OWASP industry panel meeting discussion

7. Agree and define a road map for OWASP & Industry supporting each other.

8 This may/should increase corporate sponsorship if delegates get something out of it and make OWASP more relevant to industry.

"Currently Security conferences are presented by security people security people. The Industry outreach programme is an attempt to change this model."



-Date/Time of Next Meeting