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OWASP BWA Project - Release 0.9

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what is this release?

Name: OWASP Broken Web Applications Project - Release 0.9 - November 11, 2009
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Main Features: *Version 0.9 of the OWASP Broken Web Applications Virtual Machine (VM) has been released on November 11, 2009 in advance of the OWASP AppSec DC Conference.

who is working on this release?
Release Leader: Chuck Willis

Release Contributor(s):

Release Reviewer(s): TBD, TBD

Release Mentor(s): if any

Release Sponsor(s): if any

how can you learn more?
Release Flyer/Pamphlet:

Release Notes: Click to view

Release Main Links: [1]

Release Assessment: Yellow button.JPG Not reviewed/Targeted at Stable Release

Release reviewed under Assessment Criteria v2.0