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OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 - Projects: Website and Branding

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AoC Candidate: Aaron M. Holmes

Project Coordinator: Jeff Williams

Project Progress: 50% Complete - Progress Page

Background and Motivation

History Behind Project

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an open community dedicated to enabling organizations to develop, purchase, and maintain applications that can be trusted. Our website provides information, tools and valuable resources to the community and is a cost effective medium for distributing up to date material worldwide. Given this potential it is important that we focus on providing the best possible experience for our users so that they may take advantage of all OWASP resources.

Additionally, it is important for OWASP to identify itself as a trusted and authoritative source. Our goal is to create a standard which all OWASP projects and resources must uphold, as well as to create a brand to aid in distinguishing OWASP resources from those that are available elsewhere. Our intent is to provide an identity that is immediately recognizable within the security community which also carries with it a feeling of assurance.

Problem to be Addressed

The current website takes advantage of the community collaboration and ease of editing features of Wiki-based websites. However, the OWASP project is successfully growing in size and quickly outgrowing its original home. There is a great opportunity here to extend the existing site to provide a greater depth of functionality for community members, better organization, and a more robust 'user experience'. During this time it will also be beneficial to decide on a new look and feel to the website which will align with the OWASP branding and identity.

Benefit to OWASP Members and Community

OWASP members will benefit by:

  • Having content that is easier to navigate and locate
  • Taking advantage of the OWASP brand to gain trust within their work
  • Increased site functionality (to be identified)
  • Increased outreach and marketing of the OWASP resources, thus attracting more eyes and recognition

Goals and Deliverables

Plan of Approach

We will immediately commence updating and creating new content pages as required. Time will also be spent creating documents which will give in depth detail for all deliverables including timelines. A design brief will be prepared to ensure that all future work aligns with the branding of OWASP and to minimize the risk of creating an image that is not distinct or recognizable.


  • Design website template
  • Design print and promotional materials
  • Design logos, certified OWASP logos, and other imagery
  • Content updating and proofing (English)
  • Prepare guidelines and standards for OWASP projects
  • Prepare marketing brief discussing the identity of OWASP
  • Prepare website documentation for future developers
  • Develop features and functionality as identified by OWASP and community (Including web services and member only access pages)
  • Audit website with the help of other projects

Risks and Rewards

Main Risks

This is a large project which relies on the support and cooperation of the OWASP community. There is a risk that without proper planning time will be wasted in creating designs and materials which do not align well and do not provide for a disctinct identity.

Rewards of Successful Project

A successful project will allow OWASP to continue strong growth and gain credibility as a trusted and beneficial group. By providing a better user experience it will be easier for OWASP to gain traction with individuals and organizations that are worried about putting too much faith in 'grassroot' or 'Mickey Mouse' type communities; which are considered to be too small, not dedicated, lack focus, and are not reliable in the long-term. A professional identity for OWASP will help alleviate these concerns by providing a professional look and feel which will be instantly recognizable. This attention to detail will carry through to all resources and services provided by OWASP, and is what helps differentiate OWASP from others.