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OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 - Projects: Web Goat - Progress

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Project Main Page

Lessons to be Implemented:

DOM Injection

XML Injection

XMLRPC Attacks

Silent Transactional Authorizational Attacks

HTTP Splitting

Log Spoofing

Cache Poising

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Back Doors

XPATH Injection

Buffer Overflow

How to Perform Parameter Injection

Forced Browsing

Daily Notes

Week 01 - Oct 08

  • Checked out the source code.
  • Built the project from scratch
  • Got the environment ready
  • Added a skeleton for Http Splitting lesson
  • Worked on updating the project page
  • Finished working on the HTTP Spliting lesson and committed the code.
  • Started investigating the CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks.

Week 02 - Oct 15

Week 03 - Oct 22

  • Finished working on Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks.

Week 04 - Oct 29

  • Continued working on Log Spoofing lesson.
  • Finished working on Log Spoofing lesson.
  • Started working on Parameter Injection and Forced Browsing lessons

Week 05 - Nov 05

  • Finished and submitted Log Spoofing lesson
  • Finished and submitted Forced Browsing lesson.

Week 06 - Nov 12

- Added How to add a new lesson lesson. - Started working on the AJAX-specific lessons

Week 07 - Nov 19

  • Worked on XML injection attacks
  • Started working on DOM injection attacks

Week 08 - Nov 26

Week 09 - Dec 03

- Started working on integrating WebGoat to OSG. - Got OSG working localy. - Starting working on a filter for the requests that can be enabled or disabled using the config file (web.xml). - Started working on the first AJAX lesson: DOM Injection.

Week 10 - Dec 10

- Finished working on a Tomcat connetor to OSG. - Finished working on DOM Injection lesson

Week 11 - Dec 17

Week 12 - Dec 24

Week 13 - Dec 30