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OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 - Projects: Owasp .Net Tools

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AoC Candidate: Boris

Project Coordinator: Dinis Cruz

Project Progress: 100% Complete - Progress Page


Tiger 1.0 is available for download! Get more details on the new official project page.

Background and Motivation

History Behind Project

OWASP .NET Tools were originally created by Dinis Cruz as standalone applications ANSA, ANBS and SAM'SHE. These tools are used to diagnose security problems in shared hosting environments based on Microsoft's ASP.NET platform.


The number of Web sites and applications is growing rapidly, as well as number of platforms. Microsoft's Web platform is known for its high level of developer productivity, ease of setup and administration and great integration with other, often very widespread, Microsoft products. So, the Microsoft Web platform may be very attractive to individuals and various types of organizations. However, there are still many doubts about how secure it is. Many of these doubts are not backed by specific, measurable data and tests but instead on historical (but not necessarily outdated) data and "word of mouth" type of evidence. Determining how secure an application running on Microsoft's Web platform is usually requires a lot of time and resources. There aren't many tools for testing security aspects of Microsoft's Web platform that make things easier. Even few are publicly available.

Another problem is that, due to a user-friendly nature of the tools provided in Microsoft's products, administering Web sites and applications may seem easier than it sometimes is. Many times these tasks are delegated to people who are not aware of numerous security-related problems (sometimes even not to professional IT administrators) that may occur. As a result, many Web sites and applications deployed are insecure.

Problem to be Addressed

OWASP Tiger 1.0 (this project) is meant to improve and integrate ANSA, ANBS and SAM'SHE into single (but versatile) tool and create both more functionality and better user exeprience.

Benefit to OWASP Members and Community

The deliverables of this project will (hopefully) help OWASP members and community

  • be aware of vulnerabilities and risks involved with their applications before releasing them to general public
  • determine if their applications are deployed in a less than optimal security environment
  • ease patch/hotfix management of their OS/Web server software
  • perhaps even make decisions about the technology stack(s) used

Goals and Deliverables

Plan of Approach


The main deliverables of Tiger 1.0 will be:

  • Source code checked in a publicly available source code control system (most probably
  • Binaries (in the form of installer) posted on
  • User documentation posted on

Risks and Rewards

Main Risks

The biggest risks with this project are:

  • Lack of technical documentation for the current releases (so it's difficult to grasp and build upon the current system)
  • Envisioned functionality is not fully specified (yet). Ideally, we sould have a full-blown functional specification.

Rewards of Successful Project

Hopefully, this project will help security professionals find and patch security vulnerabilities much faster and easier than before. That will in turn help the whole user community by making Web applications (well, at least those deployed on the Microsoft platform) more reliable and trustworthy.