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OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 - Projects: Live CD

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AoC Candidate: Joshua

Project Coordinator: Eoin Keary

Project Progress: 90% Complete - Progress Page

BETA available!!!

Background and Motivation

History Behind Project Concieved after discussions between Eoin and Josh regarding a the need for a Live CD for Application security & RFID. Eoin & Josh agreed to build a Live CD for OWASP as it seemed a good vehicle for OWASP tools and the OWASP Guide documentation

Problem to be Addressed Build a stable Morphix based Live CD to support OWASP deliverables.

Benefit to OWASP Members and Community A Physical artifact from OWASP that can be used in the development and testing of web applications. It is in effect a security environment that boots from a CD.


Goals and Deliverables

Plan of Approach Currently working on Beta release for AppSec Seattle 2006 Plan is to integrate as many OWASP tools and documents into the Live CD as possible.

Deliverables A Live CD *.ISO file which can be booted in VMWARE etc... Scripts for building the CD so one can customize it.

Risks and Rewards

Keeping the CD up to date with information. Rewards: Useful tool for OWASP.

Main Risks Stability of scripts Time required to complete project.

Rewards of Successful Project "Pat on the back"