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OWASP Attack Surface Detector Project

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During web application penetration testing, it is important to enumerate your application's attack surface. While Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools (such as Burp Suite and ZAP) are good at spidering to identify application attack surfaces, they will often fail to identify unlinked endpoints and optional parameters. These endpoints and parameters not found often go untested, which can leave your application open to an attacker.

What is the Attack Surface Detector?

This tool is the Attack Surface Detector, a plugin for OWASP ZAP. This tool figures out the endpoints of a web application, the parameters these endpoints accept, and the data type of those parameters. This includes the unlinked endpoints a spider won't find in client-side code, or optional parameters totally unused in client-side code. The plugin then imports this data into ZAP so you view the results, or work with the detected endpoints and parameters from the target site map.

How it Works

The Attack Surface Detector uses static code analyses to identify web app endpoints by parsing routes and identifying parameters (with supported languages and frameworks).

Supported Frameworks

C# / Web Forms
Java / Spring MVC
Java / Struts
Java JSP
Python / Django
Ruby / Rails


The Attack Surface Detector plugin is free to use. It is licensed under the link Mozilla Public License 2.0.


As of November, 2013, the highest priorities for the next 6 months are:

  • Complete the first draft of the Tool Project Template
  • Get other people to review the Tool Project Template and provide feedback
  • Incorporate feedback into changes in the Tool Project Template
  • Finalize the Tool Project template and have it reviewed to be promoted from an Incubator Project to a Lab Project

Subsequent Releases will add

  • Internationalization Support
  • Additional Unit Tests
  • Automated Regression tests

Project Resources

ASD Home Page

ASD Wiki

Install Attack Surface Detector

Source Code Configuration

Target URL Configuration

Import Endpoints

Issue Tracker

ASD Video (Burp Suite extension)

Project Leader

Ken Prole

Email: [email protected]

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