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OWASP Asia 2007

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第一屆OWASP台灣分會高峰會議 (OWASP-TW 2007) (完全免費)

Security 3.0 in Web 2.0 Age — Practices and Challenges of Web 2.0 Security

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「Web 2.0時代之Security 3.0 — 從實務經驗看Web資安防護之挑戰

  • 2007年5月11日,Google開始監控遭駭網站,並貼上危險網站之標籤,政府及企業該如何應對?
  • 2007年5月15日,OWASP公佈2007年最新的十大Web弱點,跨站腳本攻擊(XSS)登上榜首,對台灣及全球的含意為何?
  • 2007年6月6日,IBM購併Watchfire,HP隨即於6月19日購併SPI Dynamics?為何在短短一個月內,重量級資訊巨人跨足資安產業?而僅存的Cenzic以滲透測試技術於6月18日甫獲美國專利,又將對產業有何影響?
  • Web 2.0面臨哪些新的資安威脅?其因應之道是什麼? 什麼是Security 3.0?又有哪些成功的實務案例?






黃耀文(Wayne Huang) (阿碼科技創辦人兼執行長)

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簡介: Wayne Huang is first author of two award-winning security papers in the International WWW Conference (2003, 2004) and the co-author of "Computer Security in the 21st Century". Wayne is the founder and CEO of Armorize Technologies. He received the Microsoft Research Fellowship in 2005. He is a Ph.D. candidate at EE, National Taiwan University. He was the first author of many well-cited papers on web application security.


Yen-Ming Chen (McAfee資安諮詢部門主任、Foundstone首席資安顧問)

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英文題目: Security Trends in Web 2.0: Experiences from McAfee's Fortune 500 Customers

中文題目: Web 2.0時代的資安趨勢:McAfee之財星五百客戶經驗



Owasp taiwan yenming1.jpgOwasp taiwan yenming2.jpgOwasp taiwan yenming3.jpgOwasp taiwan yenming4.jpg

講者簡介: Yen-Ming leads Foundstone consultants to provide strategic security consulting services to the clients. His duties include managing all consulting and training activities, ranging from sales support to project execution. Yen-Ming joined Foundstone as a consultant in 2000. Yen-Ming brings extensive knowledge in both business and technology to his clients. He focuses primarily on generic security assessment. In client engagements, Yen-Ming helps clients align their security strategies with their business goals. He served as a Lead Instructor for Foundstone’s Ultimate Hacking, Ultimate Hacking Expert, Ultimate Web Hacking and Ultimate Hacking: Incident Response classes. Yen-Ming is a published author and sought-after speaker in both North America and the Pacific Rim. His articles have been published by SecurityFocus, SysAdmin, UnixReview, DevX, PCWeek, CNET Taiwan, ITHome, and other technology magazines in both North America and Asia Pacific. Yen-Ming has been interviewed by BBC and other media across the globe, and he has been a featured presenter at conferences, including PACSEC.JP, HITB, HACK.LU, HIT, CSI, MISTI, APAC Regional Conference on Electronic Safety and Soundness for Financial Services, Hong Kong CERT, and ICST conferences. Yen-Ming has contributed to several books, including: Hacking Exposed, 3rd ed., Hacking Exposed for Web Applications, Windows XP Professional Security, and HackNotes: Web Application Security.

Mike Shema (Qualys首席資安研究員)

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題目: Web Application Security—How Can Enterprises Benefit from Automated Tools

國際演說:BlackHat 2004, RSA 2005, IT Underground 2006, and SACIS 2007. Training at BlackHat conferences in the U.S. and Europe


Owasp taiwan mike1.jpgOwasp taiwan mike2.jpgOwasp taiwan mike3.jpgOwasp taiwan mike4.jpgOwasp taiwan mike5.jpgOwasp taiwan mike6.jpgOwasp taiwan mike7.pngOwasp taiwan mike8.jpgOwasp taiwan mike9.jpg

講者簡介: Mr. Shema is the co-author of Hacking Exposed: Web Applications, The Anti-Hacker Toolkit, and the author of Hack Notes: Web Application Security. Mr. Shema worked for several years as a consultant and trainer at Foundstone where he conducted information security assessments across a variety of technologies and industries. He also worked at NT Objectives to develop assessment and mitigation strategies for all aspects of web application security. While his security background ranges across network penetration testing, wireless auditing, code review, and training, Mr. Shema primarily focuses on web application security. Mr. Shema is currently employed by Qualys, developing tools that automate the web application audit process.

何全德處長 (行政院研考會資訊處)

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題目: Security in Taiwan

講者簡介: 更新中...

吳怡芳主任 (中華電信資安專案辦公室)

英文題目: From Internet Service Provider to Internet Security Provider

中文題目: 從電信到網際網路到資安服務—中華電信過去十年之經驗

講者簡介: 更新中...


Wayne Huang (OWASP台灣分會會長、阿碼科技創辦人兼執行長)

Owasp taiwan wayne.jpg

英文題目: Security 3.0 in Web 2.0 Age—Practices and Challenges of Web 2.0 Security

中文題目: Web 2.0時代之Security 3.0-從實務經驗看Web 2.0資安之挑戰

國際演說:RSA 2007, HITCon 2007, Zend PHP 2006, HITCon 2006, WWW 2004 and WWW 2003


Owasp taiwan wayne1.jpg

簡介: Wayne Huang is first author of two award-winning security papers in the International WWW Conference (2003, 2004) and the co-author of "Computer Security in the 21st Century". Wayne is the founder and CEO of Armorize Technologies. He received the Microsoft Research Fellowship in 2005. He is a Ph.D. candidate at EE, National Taiwan University. He was the first author of many well-cited papers on web application security.

Ricardo Jenez (Google軟體工程部門主任)


題目: Google's Approach to Secure Software Development Lifecycle

講者簡介: Mr. Jenez brings over 14 years of industry experience to eTime Capital , leveraging the latest technology to create highly effective business solutions for industry leaders. He also focuses on developing eTime Capital's strategic technology partnerships. Mr. Jenez was most recently at Netscape Communications as the Senior Development Manager responsible for the creation of a variety of e-commerce applications. Mr. Jenez was part of the core team that defined and implemented the architecture on which Netscape's B-to-B e-commerce applications - SellerXpert and BuyerXpert - were built. Prior to Netscape , Mr. Jenez held positions at General Magic , Tenfold , and Oracle Corporation. He also was the cofounder of Portacom Technologies , which manufactured some of the first Windows Accelerator graphics cards. His Eclipse II product was the recipient of the PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award and ranked Number 74 on PC Computing's Top 200 PC Products of 1992". Prior to working at Oracle , Mr. Jenez was on the technical research staff of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science , working on both hardware and software systems for multiprocessor computers. Mr. Jenez has two Bachelor of Science degrees from MIT , one in Computer Science and the other in Electrical Engineering.

李德財院士 (TWISC總召集人、中研院資訊所所長、IEEE Fellow、ACM Fellow)

Owasp taiwan dtlee.jpg

英文題目: Taiwan Information Security

中文題目: 資訊安全在台灣

講者簡介: Dr. Lee received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Taiwan University in 1971, and the M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1976 and 1978 respectively. Dr. Lee has been with the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, where he is Director and a Distinguished Research Fellow since July 1, 1998. Prior to joining the Institute, he was a Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern University, where he has worked since 1978. Dr. Lee also serves as Director of the Taiwan Information Security Center (TWISC), Acting Director of the Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica, and also the Chief Executive Officer of the National Digital Archives Program, both sponsored by the National Science Council, Taiwan.

Jim Roskind (AOL副總裁暨技術長、前Netscape/Netcenter資安架構師、Java安全架構師)


題目: How We Secured AOL's Web Infrastructure

講者簡介: 曾任Netscape副總裁暨首席科學家、創辦Infoseek...During 8 years at Netscape/AOL/TW, Dr. Jim Roskind had titles including VP/CTO of System Infrastructure for America Online, VP/Chief Scientist Netscape, Netscape/Netcenter Security Architect, and Netscape's Java Security Architect. Jim's time as the Java Security Architect in Netscape's Client Product Division, placed him in the near the epicenter of almost all security related problems that appeared in the browser. In addition to tasks involved with technically reconciling issues, he was also a common liaison with contributors that reported security issues (both real and imagined). His notable technical accomplishments at Netscape included the architecture and deployment of signed Java. Before joining Netscape in 1995, Jim was a co-founder of Infoseek Corporation, and later Chief Scientist. Dr. Roskind holds an SB Electrical Engineering, SB Computer Science, SM EECS (1980), and PhD EECS (1983), all from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His current research and development focus is on his daughter Brianna and son Dylan, all studied in collaboration with his wife Melinda.






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第三屆台灣駭客年會(HIT 2007)

今年七月,除了第一屆OWASP台灣分會高峰會議外,第三屆台灣駭客年會(HIT 2007)將緊接在OWASP高峰會議後的週末, 也就是2007年7月21日(週六)至22日(週日)舉行,會議地點定於國立臺灣科技大學公館校區-國際廳,歡迎各界人士踴躍報名參加。

詳情可上 HIT 2007 網站查詢: Owasp_taiwan_HIT-linkLOGO.gif


OWASP(開放Web軟體安全計畫 - Open Web Application Security Project)是一個開放社群、非營利性組織,目前全球有82個分會近萬名會員,其主要目標是研議協助解決Web軟體安全之標準、工具與技術文件,長期致力於協助政府或企業瞭解並改善網頁應用程式與網頁服務的安全性。由於應用範圍日廣,網頁應用安全已經逐漸的受到重視,並漸漸成為在安全領域的一個熱門話題,在此同時,駭客們也悄悄的將焦點轉移到網頁應用程式開發時所會產生的弱點來進行攻擊與破壞。

OWASP 台灣分會 (OWASP Taiwan Chapter)