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OWASP AppSec DC 2012/Hacking NETC Applications The Black Arts

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The Presentation

This talk will focus on attacking .NET Desktop Applications(EXE/DLL/Live Memory)
Both WhiteHat and BlackHat hacking will be shown on common security concerns such as intellectual property protection systems and licensing systems.
This presentation will have a New Drop of forensic info on what can be accessed about a .NET application, with basic info targeted at Malware Analysis and Live/Dead System Forensics.
Last year I showed how to bend .NET applications and the Runtime, This year I will show how to break the rules. I will break rules like executing ASM and injecting compiled IL (byte code) into signed and protected EXE/DLLs. I will show some Black Arts like making Malware/Key-Gens/Cracks.
This speech will have a second follow-up speech protection systems. Hacking .NET(C#) Applications: Protection Systems

The Speakers

Jon McCoy

Jon McCoy.jpg
Jon McCoy is a .NET Software Engineer that focuses on security and forensics and the founder of []. He has worked on a number of Open Source projects ranging from hacking tools to software for paralyzed people. With a deep knowledge of programming under the .NET Framework he has released new attacks on live applications and the .NET Framework itself. He provides consulting to protect .NET applications.

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