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OWASP Academies

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OWASP Academies meeting - 5th, 6th January

Preparatory meeting for the Summit'11

Following the email sent in October regarding the OWASP Academies and the work OWASP is developing to implement and operationalize this concept, multiple feedback and contributions for the discussion have been received.

We thought that one way to turn the feedback and interest received into something positive and constructive would be to sit the people involved at a table and discuss experiences, views and ideas for the OWASP Academies' operational model. Knowing, for example, how the already established connections with Universities were started and how they are working, what would seem to these partners the most reasonable “next step” in terms of formalization or knowing what, from the Universities’ point of view, would be an interesting model of relationship, could be of great use for our own definition and consolidation of the OWASP Academies concept.

In this context, a meeting will be held on the 5th and 6th of January, in Lisbon, with the following format:

  • Two days (5th and 6th January) of working sessions focused on the OWASP Academies where the operational model will be discussed with the intent to prepare a draft that can be presented and debated in the Summit'11 to happen in February;
  • Main objectives should be:
    • Definition of the concept behind the OWASP Academy model;
    • Discussion of Certification;
    • Identification of a "to do" list for the Summit'11.

The meetings will take place at ISCTE, Lisbon University Institute, in Lisbon. Address is Av.ª das Forças Armadas, 1649-026 LISBOA.

Unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints, it will not be possible for us to invite all who have contributed for the discussion and pay for their traveling and accommodation. We have therefore devised a criteria of selection for paid invitations that takes into account both the level of engagement in the discussion and the amount of work already done within the Academic community.

Having said that, if you find sponsorship to fund your trip and stay in Lisbon, you will be very welcome to join us – just drop me a line to let me know you are coming!

Venue and Hotel

The two-days meeting will take place at ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute.

Participants will be staying at Hotel Roma, in the City center.

Confirmed Participants & Supporters


  • Martin Knobloch – Netherlands Local Chapter and Global Education Committee, Netherlands
  • Konstantinos Papapanagiotou - Greece Local Chapter, Information Security Services Manager at Syntax IT Inc, Visiting Lecturer at the University of Piraeus, Greece
  • Vasileos Vlachos - Greece Local Chapter, Lecturer at the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa, Greece
  • Jim Burkman - Assistant Professor, at the Oklahoma State University, US
  • Andreas Fuchsberger – Information Security Group, Royal Holloway University, UK
  • Ed Adams - President & CEO of Security Innovation, US
  • Jason Taylor - CTO of Security Innovation, US
  • Francisco Rente - Researcher at the Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
  • Ricardo Melo - DRI, IT Consultants Ltd
  • Carlos Serrão - OWASP Portuguese Chapter Leader, Assistant Professor at ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute, Portugal
  • Dinis Cruz - OWASP Board
  • Paulo Coimbra - OWASP Project Manager, Portugal
  • Sandra Paiva - OWASP Training Manager, Portugal


Agenda (Draft)

Room XXX, ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute, January 5th, 2011
10h00-10h30 Reception of participants
10h30-11h30 Presentation of the OWASP Academies concept

Existing materials
(Dinis Cruz)

11h30-11h45 Coffee Break
11h45-13h30 How OWASP contents are currently being used by Universities

(Representatives from Universities - Konstantinos Papapanagiotou, Vasileos Vlachos, Jim Burkman, Andreas Fuchsberger, Carlos Serrão)

13h30-14h30 Lunch
14h30-16h30 Certification Project – content, technology, proposed model

(Ed Adams and Jason Taylor, Security Innovation)

16h30-16h45 Coffee Break
16h45-18h00 Open discussion on what the OWASP Academies model should be:
  • What institutions will we target, what will we offer, how will we implement it, etc;
  • What contents will we submit, will we offer OWASP Trainers, will this training be paid;
  • Training materials t support the OWASP Academies.

Room XXX, ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute, January 6th, 2011
10h00-11h30 Discussion / Definition of model
11h30-11h45 Coffee Break
11h45-13h00 Discussion / Definition of model (Cont.)
13h00-14h00 Lunch
14h00-16h00 Certification Project – Integration with the OWASP Academies model

(Ed Adams, Jason Taylor (Security Innovation) and Dinis Cruz)

16h00-16h15 Coffee Break
16h15-17h30 Wrap up and draft of the model
  • Identification of to-do list for the Summit
  • Distribution of tasks