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= Overview =
The .NET Framework has seen significant security improvement over the last ten years of development. With proper use the core security problems that are seen in web applications, or even Windows executibles, are difficult to  exploit.
The key is 'proper use' and that is the goal of the .NET Project - assist with proper use. Education, components and tools that are appropriate for the latest .NET versions should be the focus for output of this project. As tools and information become out of date, they will be moved to a sunset mode, still available to those using older versions of the framework.
= Themes =
The themes of the .NET Project include:
* Deep, rich guidance for .NET developers using the security features of .NET
* Access to use of OWASP components that are designed for use with .NET
* Information about working with and on OWASP tools built using .NET
= Features =
Features are parts of the project at a very high level. There are three themes, and they include guidance for developers, components that help to write more secure .NET projects, and tools for general security and testing written in .NET.
== Guidance ==
Guidance is documentation that assists .NET developers implementing the security features of the framework.
=== In-process guidance ===
* [[Windows Identity Foundation]]
* [[.NET Memory Management]]
=== Needed guidance ===
* [[ASP.NET Identity]]
* [[DPAPI]]
* [[ClickOnce Deployment]]
* [[.NET Callbacks - Vulnerabilities and Remediation]]
* [[Dependency Injection]]
* [[IoC containers]]
* [[Preventing SQL Injection in ADO.NET]]
* [[Authenticated Symmetric Encryption in .NET]]
== Components ==
Components are pieces of software that assist .NET developers in building more secure code. A number of projects exist that are for older versions of .NET. While they are no longer valid for later versions, they are still acceptable for use. Many updates are needed to a number of other projects.
=== Needed Components ===
Please suggest needed components.
== Projects that use .NET ==
These are projects that happen to be built in .NET. Many of them could use .NET development assistance:
* [[OWASP O2 Platform]]
* [ WebGOAT.NET]
= Ideas =
Please send your ideas to the OWASP.Net mailing list ([email protected])

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