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===OWASP Projects===
===OWASP Projects===
* [[Owasp SiteGenerator]] (sponsored by Foundstone)
* [[Owasp Report Generator]]
* [[ANBS]] (Asp.Net Baseline Security) - includes the tools [[SAM'SHE]] (Security Analyzer for Microsoft's Shared Hosting Environments) and [[Online IIS Metabase Explorer]]
* [[ASP.NET Reflector]]
* [[ANSA]] (Asp.Net Security Analyzer) - first tool developed by Dinis Cruz that hilights the security problems of Full Trust Asp.Net code (contains Proof of Concept tests (i.e. exploits))
* [[DefApp]] - Partial port of ModSecurity to the .Net Platform
* [[Owasp FOSBBWAS (code name Beretta)]]
* [[.Net Assembly Analyzer]]
* [[OWASP_Tiger|OWASP Tiger]]

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Source Code Repositories

Any repository that allows public access and has terms of service that holds no claim on the content that our members upload is generally o.k. The following repos are popular among the members:

Active Project Workspaces

Task and Research projects

  • FXCop Ruleset
  • Sprajax
  • CSSpider
  • Code Scanner

OWASP Projects