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ORG (OWASP Report Generator)

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The ORG (Owasp Report Generator) is a tool for Security Consultants that supports the documentation and reporting of security vulnerabilities discovered during security audits.


You can download the latest versions from sourceforge:


  • when closing a window with unsaved data, it should prompt "are you sure"
  • selectable drop down required for recommentations
  • Del Key should delete newline (and other elements)
  • Add ability to move findings to other targets
  • Sort of tracking views by Issue ID
  • Search (for Issue IDs)
  • select contacts from a db
  • Automatic Import data (like DSN info)
  • data feed for global database spreadsheets
  • Sign application and FOP engine
  • Ensure that within the same project, image folders are unique
  • Make an installer
  • Add Backup feature for XSLT changes
  • Add upgrade tool
  • Add XSLT search feature
  • Project level tags
  • Image's path are hardcoded on the PDF xslt
  • Document the installation procedure of the Altova XML engine (used for xslt2 queries)
  • Add to FAQ the fact that the errors that show on the current main FOP transformation are ok

TODO Future Versions

  • Add in the ability to import in stock findings
  • Remove the global variable class.
  • Add in tool tips to the forms.

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