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November 14, 2011 SB Report

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Sarah Baso - Activity for October and first half of November 2011 (Prepared for November 14, 2011 Board Meeting)

Chapters Committee

General Committee Info

Major Activities/Projects (in addition to attending monthly committee meetings, taking & posting meeting minutes):

  • Chapter Activity Matrix - used to inventory and manage information on local chapter activities and current leadership (ongoing maintenance required). Guidance provided by committee on October 17 call - "cleaning out" inactive chapters will be postponed until new chapter handbook released first of new year. Then will request all chapter leaders to acknowledge and agree to terms of new handbook and if existing funds, explain what is planned for funds. Details for process to be determined in January.
  • Work with Kate Hartmann to ensure that chapter-related requests on "OWASP website Global Feedback Form" are addressed in a timely fashion.
  • Planning, attending, and follow up of Chapter Leader Workshop at AppSec Asia in Beijing, China. (Meeting Minutes)
  • Setting up new chapters -- email accounts, wiki page, mailing list, add to leader mailing list, and ensure chapter appears on regonline chapter list.
  • Respond to various chapter leader questions/requests via email
  • Manage OWASP merchandise requests via google doc, including business cards.
  • Assisting Chapters Committee with revisions to the Chapter Handbook. Goals - new version for public comment Dec. 1, 2011 and final new version released by January 1, 2012.
  • Arrange travel for chapter-related activities such as Chapters Workshops and Chapter Nurturing.
  • Tracking local OWASP domain names

Basic Chapter Metrics:

  • 148 Combined Active & New Chapters

New Chapters in October:

Pending New Chapters and Chapter Restarts:

  • Bolivia
  • Charleston, SC
  • Sri Lanka
  • Kerala
  • China-mainland possibly divided into 5 cities/local chapters

Conferences Committee

General Committee Info

Major Activities/Projects (in addition to attending monthly committee meetings, taking & posting meeting minutes):

  • Updated and monitored google form for tracking schwag requests and monitor OCMS for events that have requested schwag but not entered request into google form.
  • Work with Konik, Kate, Rocksport, Zazzle, Lulu, and other misc. vendors to fulfull merchandise and conference requests.
  • Assisting with RegOnline requests from event planners and answering questions as needed. Following up with conference registrants with registration questions and invoicing.
  • Inventorying Conference Supplies and Equipment, setting up a scalable system to checkin/checkout items, researching inventory management system (with bar codes?)
  • Assisting Conference Committee Members and others receiving funding from the committee for their travel in booking flights and hotels.
  • Created and disbursed certificates of completion for AppSec USA 2011 training courses.
  • Created and disbursed certificates of attendance for AppSec Latam 2011 conference and certificates of completion for training courses.
  • Attended AppSec Asia in Beijing - assisting with set up and needs during conference.


  • Creating and editing graphics for OWASP Merchandise (including business cards).
  • Financial reconciliation for AppSec USA
  • Conference calls for staff meetings, Sales Force, Click & Pledge
  • Drafting OWASP travel policy