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Mohd Fazli Azran

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Mohd Fazil Profile Picture.png

About Mohd:

He very OSS (Open Source Software) passion, love to collaborate with others to do join-venture activity regarding OSS events, seminars, conference and workshop. Join many OSS community, University, Polytechnic, Government Agency and spread awareness and knowledge about OSS and Security InfoSec to public. With his experience almost 20 years and now working as Technical Team Lead & Information Security Consultant and hold some professional cert like CEH, ECSA, CISE, NCLA and LPIC. He believe on OSS spirit "Sharing is Caring". Volunteer at Fedora Ambassador & openSUSE Ambassador and also CyberSAFE Ambassador. Sometime being speaker at other OSS/infosec events and and to be trainer at OSS/infosec workshop.

Now a prominent at OWASP Malaysia Chapter Leader. Also held as Core Secretariat at (Open Source Developer Community Malaysia) and MOSC (Malaysia Open Source Conference). Still study at Asia E University on Information Technology & Communication. Latest project on the making CyberDEF Alliance with CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Contact Info:[email protected]