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Minutes January 3, 2011

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Present: Jeff, Dinis, Matt, Dave, Tom, Seba, Eoin

Committee Updates:

Membership - Honorary membership spelled out. Model approved in theory. Details and wording will be adjusted moving forward. Operational procedures can be set up in the background.


  • Representation at all of the conferences is encouraged. Duplication of efforts (board representation, GCC representation) roles need to be sorted out.
  • Signatory delegation details need to be worked out. At this point, delgation of contracts less than $XYZ may be delegated. Dave Wichers requests contract key points to be gathered and posted.
  • Concept of operating budget approved. Details of amounts to be determined at the summit or prior to based on financial 2011 projections.

Additional process to set up sub roles for committee members suggested (i.e. contracts, quality control, budgets, marketing, etc.)

Point system - will be sent out and reviewed by Friday for next selection of funded attendees.

Recommendation to use owasp all and not "leaders list" to communicate due to incomplete information.