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OWASP Mentor Initiative with HQ NY $6,000 []
OWASP Mentor Initiative with HQ NY $6,000 []
OWASP Organizational Development Initiative with HQ Brooklyn $50,000 []
OWASP Organizational Development Initiative with HQ Brooklyn $50,000 []
'''<u>OWASP ByLaw Update Proposal [JS]</u>'''
'''<u>OWASP ByLaw Update Proposal [JS]</u>'''

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Meeting Location:


International Toll Free Calling Information

AGENDA This is the VIRTUAL packet that is provided to everyone at the same time to review, make comments and be prepared for the meeting. There is no paper handout for the meeting.


- Approval of prior prior meeting mins


March 2017 Board Financial Summary

OWASP Foundation is managed by the Operations Director who provides a monthly roll-up report in collaboration of all staff members, contractors and efforts being managed by the back office team. A link to the monthly operational report can be found here: REPORT


Affirmation of actions from last meeting recorded material, votes and actions [Board]


Community correspondence [TB]

Proposal (link pending) to have Foundation run AppSecs. [MK]

Chapters guidance [TJ]

Executive Director Search [JC]

AppSec Global Events [TB]

OWASP Summit request for 85K USD to get extra people to the summit and have a professional operations team in place (see email 8-May-2017). (Seba, Dinis, Francois)

Owasp learning gateway $100k full time staff. - Hire full time staff member to build out the learning gateway. [1]

Owasp grant initiative $100k full time staff - Hire full time grant writer to work on grants for OWASP. [2]

OWASP BLT development and marketing $5k, (12 monthly prizes of $100, $1200 + development) [3]

Owasp project kickstart. $10k - $100 to 100 projects to use Coderbounty on 2-5 of their Github tasks to get coding done. [4]

Owasp innovation lab $250k [5]

Grant engine / Spurri $50k - development [6]

OWASP Hackathon sponsor $5k sponsor a hackathon with prizes and food for 2017 focused on OWASP [7]

Fundraiser events / membership drive $300 per month $3,600 - Have a monthly membership drive / fundraiser, $300 for food and drinks.[8]

Volunteer portal project $50k - development of website.[9]

$30k for APAC tour $10k stipend for leaders Send 3 people with $10k stipend each. [10]

OWASP Mentor Initiative with HQ NY $6,000 [11]

OWASP Organizational Development Initiative with HQ Brooklyn $50,000 [12]

OWASP ByLaw Update Proposal [JS]

ByLaw amendment created by Josh Sokol, Bil Corry, and Jason Li. Update Section 3.03 of the OWASP ByLaws to read:

... Attendance in person or virtually by board members is required at no less than 75% of the total meetings each year and shall be highly encouraged to meet in person at least once annually at a date to be announced and agreed upon. To be considered as "attended", the board member must attend at least 90% of the meeting, starting at the published scheduled time until the published end time or the meeting is adjourned (whichever is earlier). Attendance is tabulated by the Executive Director or delegate within seven days after every scheduled meeting for the purpose of determining if the 75% attendance requirement has been met, and the tabulation is based upon the entire calendar year. ...