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May 2019

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Meeting Date: May 20

Meeting Time: 11 AM US Pacific - other time zones

Meeting Location: Remote

Virtual: Zoom Meeting Link Meeting ID: 282 821 949 - local dial in numbers


April 2019 Minutes

April2019 Summary Balance Sheet

April 2019 OWASP Combined Summary Balance sheet

  1. Conference Update (TelAviv, Amsterdam and DC)
Tel Aviv registration continues to lag behind goals. Adjustments continue to the agenda including a fourth keynote and the cancellation of several training classes due to low interest. The $399 member pricing has been extended with no end date and this promotion was again shared with our mailing lists. The conference organizer, Target, has been cutting costs where possible and event revenue is still not expected to cover costs with a projected loss between $60,000 to $80,000. Several actions are being taken to increase Exhibition traffic to reduce sponsor frustration with low attendance and staff is exploring a proactive financial credit for future conferences.
DC planning is generally on schedule. The CfP/T is open until 31-May. Submissions have been light and we have started a few marketing efforts to notify former presenters of the opportunity which has resulted in an increase in interest. The Event Committee is considering extending the deadline. They have secured two of their keynote speakers and are working toward a 1 July deadline which is when we intend to open registration. Have already contracted $119,500 in Event Sponsorships.
AMS planning is slightly behind schedule. Just yesterday the Event Committee finalized the CfT/P schedule and staff will get this online and plans to add recruitment to the above mentioned efforts for DC. Already contracted $13,000 in Event Sponsorships.
Finally we are seeing strong interest in our Corporate Sponsorship Packages and have already sold six for right at $163,750 in revenue and the above event sponsorship revenue includes a $1,000 allowance for each participating corporate sponsor.
  1. Open Security Summit Update/ Project funding
Friday we notified 26 project team members of their Summit grant. The total exposure is expected to be $52,130 on a cap of $75,000. The actual total will be dependent on final travel reimbursements but the $52,130 includes a conservative estimate. There were 42 submissions for a total request of $108,967. Several subjective decisions were made based on the demand. Requesters who we could not validate actual participation in OWASP Projects were rejected - especially those who claimed to be Project leaders who were not. We also rejected higher requests for travel reimbursement on single day passes. And finally while we have extended scholarship grants to non-members, we did rejected their travel reimbursement requests..
  1. Staffing requirements/ plans
We have been happy to welcome Emily Berman as Events Director. She is starting her second week with the Foundation and will be attending Tel Aviv and one day at the Open Security Summit.
The Foundation continues to proactively look for a marketing manager and is still considering adding an events coordinator to support our growing events plan for 2020. We have public postings for a technology and operations manager which are currently not proactive searches.
Depending on the candidate pool for the marketing manager position we will need to have a budget discussion. There is sufficient funding in the approved budget but these planned additions along with the Event Director will exceed the previous “new staff staying net neutral from technology director compensation” direction.
  1. Website/ Internal Procedures/ Service Catalog update
The website schedule is behind schedule for July launch. Lack of resources is blocking key creative tasks which are delaying the project. We would love to find a volunteer CSS resource that is familiar with Jekyll to build out our site templates.
On a positive note, Harold continues to validate our technical approach and there are no known blockers at this time. We have validated our design plan and authentication model to manage content. Harold has also completed some light coding that will allow us to archive the wiki once we make the migration.
As previously mentioned, staff has been in regular contact with Github corporate. They are very supportive of work and they have brought in PR resources to help promote our launch and have tentatively brainstormed about us presenting at their global conference this Fall on our approach/migration.
This month we are prototyping/testing new donation/membership/registration workflows with a different provider. Our current systems are quite expensive and don’t really add much value. We are testing a far more affordable solution that will also simplify staff control and customization. The solution we are exploring keeps to our non-hosted direction but will likely require some light automation which has been expected. Also we are in the process of migrating/consolidating Policy/Procedures documentation into a single repository so we can begin to document recommended changes that include diff notation. That effort will include updated (often to reflect current practices and reduce conflicting policies) for Chapters, Projects, Events, and reimbursements.
  1. Update on Trademarks
The Executive Director continues to compile and provide information to counsel as they prepare our final filings with US Patent and Trademark Office. We are expecting the filings to be submitted in the coming weeks. As previously noted once our filings are submitted there will be a several month delay in a ruling or request for additional information.
  1. Update on next face to face meeting
Emily has taken over planning of our August Board F2F in Las Vegas for FULL DAYs August 6th and 7th. She is working on securing a location for lodging and our meeting. To help with that planning, several months ago we requested tentative arrival/departure information form Board members and only two have responded. Here is the link:
  1. Update on projects and chapters


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