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== [[Los_Angeles/2011_Meetings/September_28|September 28, 2011]] ==
Speaker:  Jim Manico<br>
Topic: Deep XSS Defense<br>
<!--Presentation: [[Media:Gray,_the_new_black.pptx‎|Gray, the new Black pptx]]<br>-->
Meeting Sponsor: PKWARE
== [[Los_Angeles/2011_Meetings/August_24|August 24, 2011]] ==
== [[Los_Angeles/2011_Meetings/August_24|August 24, 2011]] ==

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September 28, 2011

Speaker: Jim Manico
Topic: Deep XSS Defense
Meeting Sponsor: PKWARE

August 24, 2011

Speaker 1: Dr. Dan Manson
Topic 1: Cyber Challenge Program
Speaker 2: Jason Taylor
Topic 2: OWASP Exams Project
Meeting Sponsor: Sprint

July 27, 2011

Social hour hosted by OWASP LA
Downtown Daily Grill
Los Angeles, CA

June 22, 2011

Speaker: Brian Chess
Topic: Gray, the new Black: Gray-Box Web Vulnerability Testing
Presentation: Gray, the new Black pptx
Meeting Sponsor: Safenet

May 25, 2011

Speaker: Justin Collins
Topic: Automated Detection of Security Flaws in Ruby on Rails Code
Presentation: Brakeman Presentation
Meeting Sponsor: En Pointe Technologies

April 27, 2011

Speaker: Bryan Sullivan
Topic: NoSQL Security
Meeting Sponsor: Business Partner Solutions

March 16, 2011

Speaker: Liam O Murchu
Meeting Sponsors: Evolve Technology Group, Websense

February 23, 2011

Speaker: Scott Sutherland
Topic: Database Security in the Real World
Meeting Sponsor: NetSpi

January 26, 2011

Speaker: Samy Kamkar
Topic: Evercookie: the Persistent Cookie
Meeting Sponsor: IBM Rational Software