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== Next&nbsp;Chapter Meeting:&nbsp; Mar 21, 2012, 6:30 PM <br> ==
== Next&nbsp;Chapter Meeting:&nbsp; April 25, 2012, 3:00 PM <br> ==
<!-- (Note different date, time and location)<br> -->
(Note different date, time and location)<br>
<!-- '''''Location:'''''<br>  -->
<!-- '''''Location:'''''<br>  -->
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== April message from OWASP Los Angeles <br> ==
== April message from OWASP Los Angeles President <br> ==
<b>1. Hold the Date -- April 25 </b>  
<b>1. Hold the Date -- April 25 </b>  

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Welcome to Los Angeles Chapter!

<paypal>Los Angeles</paypal>

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We are on Meetup. Please join our community there.
Sign up for OWASP Los Angeles mailing list, very low volume and spam free.

Next Chapter Meeting:  April 25, 2012, 3:00 PM

(Note different date, time and location)

At a hotel in Culver City.

Exact location to be announced.

RSVP will open soon at

April message from OWASP Los Angeles

1. Hold the Date -- April 25

We are planning for 1/2 day conference on April 25 -- calling it a Mini-Summit -- starting at 3PM at a hotel on the west side (most likely in Culver City). We have at least 3 speakers and a panel discussion. The event includes food and beverages and there will be a small fee (no more than $20) to offset the cost.

Please show us love by registering. Registration will open soon on Meetup.

2. Participate in Projects

OWASP is about projects. Without projects, OWASP wouldn't exist, and projects need new blood. I would like to encourage your participation in the projects. There are many projects to choose from (link below) but testing, development and code review guides are in urgent need of help. You don't need to be a coder to contribute.

Please see what you can contribute and feel free to reach out to the project leaders directly, or send me an email if you want an introduction.

3. Call for Local Speakers

We have a lot of security talent in LA area and we would love to hear from you. Edward Bonver is leading an initiative to have local speakers more involved and present at OWASP meetings. Please reach out to him at [email protected] if you're interested.

Other Events

ISSA-LA holds a lunch meeting on the 3rd Wed of each month, for more information visit

Would you like to speak at an OWASP Los Angeles Meeting?

Call for Papers (CFP) is NOW OPEN. To speak at upcoming OWASP Los Angeles meetings please submit your BIO and talk abstract via email to Tin Zaw. The talk must be vendor neutral and its content be available under Creative Common 3.0 license.

Archives of Previous Meetings

2011 Meetings

2010 Meetings

2009 Meetings

2008 Meetings

List of presentations available from past meetings

Los Angeles Chapter

Volunteer OWASP Leaders: Kelly Fitzgerald, Yev Avidon, Mikhael Felker and Stuart Schwartz

The AppSec USA 2010 conference received rave reviews. Thanks to all the volunteers and great speakers who helped make it a success!

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