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Leeds UK/Feb 2012

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This event is being kindly sponsored by RandomStorm [1] Schedule: 18:15 for 18:30 start 18:30-18:45 OWASP Chapter introduction. OWASP values and membership. Chapter information. OWASP Leeds board member 18:45-19:45 Identity and Accountability in the Database - Pete Finnigan, Pete Finnigan specialises in the Security of Oracle databases. Pete has been interested in Oracle Security for many years and more recently in generally database security. Pete has also written the book "Oracle Security Step-by-step" and has produced many papers on the subject of oracle security. Pete has also produced a number of security tools that can aid in securing a database. More information can be found at Pete's web site

19:45-20:45 The perils of auto-configuring IP webcams - Robin Wood aka DigiNinja I recently purchased an IP based webcam to monitor my daughter at night. Obviously with such precious data coming from it I couldnt just plug it in and let it go so I audited it first, these are my very worrying findings. Robins commercial background is as a software developer but he's always had an interest in security and from around 2005 Robin has been moving away from general software development and more into security related areas. Robin now works for RandomStorm, a penetration testing company based near Leeds, as Senior Security Engineer running the penetration testing team and developing new projects and tools. 20:45-close General networking and drinks from our sponsors !!!