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* Executive Director/Operations Update - [link:addme Rollup Report P.Ritchie]
* Executive Director/Operations Update - [  Summary Report P.Ritchie]
** Financial Update - [  YTD P&L to Budget, Jan-May 2015 with Balance sheet]
** Financial Update - [  YTD P&L to Budget, Jan-May 2015 with Balance sheet]
** Director Update - Kate Hartmann - [link:addme Kate Hartmann Update]
** Director Update - Kate Hartmann - [link:addme Kate Hartmann Update]

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Dial In Info

Notice of Recording

  • Notice to all attendees - board meetings are recorded and publicly available as of March, 2013
  • Joining the call acknowledges your awareness of recording and consent to be recorded and public dissemination of the recording.
  • [link:addme Meeting Recording]


14:00-15:00 PDT


Teleconference Information:

International Toll Free Calling Information

Attendance Tracker

Board Meeting Attendance Tracker

Meeting Minutes

[link:addme Meeting Minutes]

Reading Material

It is a requirement as a board member to fully read all material prior to the start of the meeting

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order /OWASP Mission

  • Administrative (List of attendees and Agenda bashing (only if last-minute changes to the agenda are needed) (5 min)


Chairmain's Report - Tobias Gondrom

Vice Chairmain's Report - Josh Sokol

Treasurer Report - Fabio Cerullo

Secretary Report - Matt Konda

Updates from Members at Large - Michael Coates, Andrew van der Stock & Jim Manico

  • Andrew van der Stock - Education strategic goal update.


Community Initiative Reports

Old Business

All active board proposals are listed here

Discuss revised by laws, approve, reword or reject changes to bring our by laws into good standing before the election.

  • Fund ring fencing

Discuss how we ensure that all of our strategic goals are properly funded, and ensure that the Foundation doesn't need to borrow when we have funds on hand. Chapters have 71% of OWASP's funds ring fenced. Let's discuss how we deliver all of OWASP's strategic goals, and improve our admin cost overhead ratio.

  • On Demand Training (pre-reading material link above)

At OWASP we are frequently receiving requests from companies looking for training related to application security. This is an area of expertise that plenty of individuals in our Community could fulfil. This growing demand for training is aligned with OWASP Strategic Goals and will become a much needed revenue stream for the Foundation that is not conference driven. Discuss revised proposal for OWASP to deliver/organise trainings.

New Business

All active board proposals are listed here

  • [Tobias] - reopen communication with RSA to explore potential opportunities for OWASP outreach.
    • [discussion topic]
  • [Matt] - hire a technical editor for a few months.
    • [discussion topic]
  • [Jim] - Making public statements on crypto
    • "Even though 501c3 organizations *can* do some lobbying (as long as expenditures are not substantial), the IAB is careful not to talk about legislation or urge anyone to contact representatives about legislation." - Jeff Willams
  • [Josh] - Funding request for Project Summit at AppSecUSA 2015

Action Items



  • Next meeting date/time:

Motion to close meeting