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(Suggestions for the good of OWASP / New Business)
(Finance Report)
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[ May 2011 P&L and Balance Sheet]
[ May 2011 P&L and Balance Sheet]
[ Status 2010 3rd Party Audit Report] - TBD
[ Budget Summary]
[ Status 2010 3rd Party Audit Report] - Follow up completed, final report pending
[ Status 2010 Tax Filing] - TBD
[ Status 2010 Tax Filing] - TBD

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Roll call

Board of Directors (Jeff, Tom, Dave, Seba, Matt, Eoin)

To track and record mins., of this meeting via your @OWASP account

Reading and approval of prior month meeting minutes

Finance Report

Report Submitted by: Alison

May 2011 P&L and Balance Sheet

Budget Summary

Status 2010 3rd Party Audit Report - Follow up completed, final report pending

Status 2010 Tax Filing - TBD

Committee reports (regular and special)

Global Connections Update

Global Membership Update

Global Industry Update

Global Projects Update

Global Education Update

Global Chapters Update

Global Conferences Update

GCC Update Presentation


Conferences/Chapters Responsibility Split


Old/unfinished business

Jeff Williams - June 3rd Proposed OWASP Platform model

OWASP LatAm Tour

Global Committee Consolidation - Observations and Recommendations submitted 10-Jun via email.

Proposal made to consolidate Global Committees to 3: Conferences, Chapters, and Projects

Education, Industry, Connections, and Membership committees would be restructured into task forces which emerge from ecosystems as focused working groups with a budget and a charter to meet a predefined goal.

New business


  • New contract Sarah, (re)negotiation Paulo, status Larry


  • Konik (vendor) will warehouse and ship (provide fulfillment services) approved merchandise at no additional cost (other than shipping) to addresses for approved events. This will eliminate the need for storage and will provided better accounting and tracking.

OWASP Contact Us Status Report


  • 3rd party envolvement, how to tread free service offers as
    • Innovation Security's OWASP TeamMentor
    • Hacking-Labs

- What can we offer in means in agreement
- Sponsorship for free services to OWASP?

  • OWASP European Store, shipping small amounts to European chapters is inefficient.
    • I have offered to make space available for OWASP goodies to be stored so they can be shipped around cheaper
    • aprovement for shipping and shipping through required / needed?
    • Kate as Single Point of Contact, can forward requests to me to send through from NL