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Johanna Curiel 2016 Bio & Why Me?

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About Johanna:

Johanna has mainly worked in the area of C# and ASP.NET development, Testing and Quality Control. She is an experienced developer and understands different types of programming languages such as Java and PHP and different types of scripting languages.

Johanna has ample experience in Microsoft Technologies and Security Engineering

LANGUAGES Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento


MSc. Information Technology with specialization in Security Engineering, University of Liverpool BSc. Civil Engineering, University of the Netherlands Antilles

Why I would like to be elected to the Global OWASP Foundation Board of Directors

I think as an active volunteer and member during these 4 years, I can provide the support and the energy to get things done at OWASP.

We need a new direction into many issues the community is asking for, but also, as an organisation dedicated to security, we need to find new ways and innovate our perspective how we approach application security and new strategies that can help us make lasting and effective contributions to this difficult area.

O stands for OPEN in OWASP. I want to bring that back to OWASP and I want to bring my support and help make decisions to improve the organization and create a more active and collaborating community.

Bring the right for the community to make informed decisions and empower them to participate and give direction. We need this. I don't want to be an OWASP board member that hardly communicates with the community but definitely one that will be in constant communication, not just one way but reciprocal.