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January 9, 2012

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Headline text

Meeting Agenda - Sample

OWASP is a non-profit governed according to its mission, ethics, core purpose, and bylaws.

meeting room

Access Code: 978-423-758, Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting, Meeting ID: 978-423-758

Local, International Dial in Numbers

Meeting Minutes


Attendance & Certify Quorum

Welcome, Introductions

Annual affirmation and approval of Foundation ByLaws

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Corrections, comments, approval.

Treasurer's Report

2012 Foundation proposed Budget

Report Submitted by: Alison

December 2011 P&L and Balance Sheet

Old Business

  • OWASP EU Update
  • Board Vote to reaffirm signatory delegation for financial contracts:

Yes/No Global Conference Committee Liason has authority to sign financial contracts below $15,000

If Yes,

Contracts above $15,000 will be signed by __________________________

New Business

Discussion & Vote

Proposal to remove OWASP member #72624861 per Foundation Bylaws 4.03

Job Description review and approval

Title: Operational Support: Membership and Business Liaison 30 Hr/week position Currently performed by Kelly Santalucia

Job description:

Q1 2012 goals and eval:

Title: Operational Support: Conference Logistics and Community Relations

Full Time, Salary position

Currently performed by Sarah Baso

Job description:

Q1 2012 goals and eval:

Title: Operational Support: Accounting and Bookkeeping

20-30 hr/week position

Currently performed by Alison Shrader

Job Description:

Q1 2012 goals and eval:

Title: Operational Support: Operations Director

Full Time, Salary position

Currently Performed by Kate Hartmann

Job Description:

Q1 2012 goals and eval:

Discuss strategy for OWASP Foundation legal internationalization

Committee Updates

Connections Committee

Industry Committee

Projects Committee

Chapters Committee

Education Committee

Optional Topics


Upcoming Events

Other Business

Review of ByLaws section SECTION 4.03. Termination of Membership

Next Meeting