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Jan 5, 2010

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Date: January 5, 2010 12 Noon EST

Present: Seba, Jeff, Dinis, Tom, Matt

Absent: Dave, Eoin

Corporate member's logos will be included in the newsletter to reinforce their commitment to OWASP
We will not sell advertising space in the newsletter
Projects may place “advertisementsâ€ in the newsletter
Board members should be present at all OWASP conferences
Open Action Item/Issue
Document process for conflict resolution Matt 02/02/10
Balance sheet for 2009 required with details of $70K loss Alison 02/02/10
Industry outreach Summit discussion postponed until both Eoin and Dave can be present. All 02/02/10
Annual Report (Committee reports from Summit will be collected and highlights included in annual report) Seba 02/02/10
Annual Report (cont.) Dinis and the connections committee will use the newsletter to push committee information to chapters Dinis 02/02/10
What makes a good committee member – job description will be sent out to leaders list to encourage new members Jeff 02/02/10 domain names and ownership – who maintains the sites? Who pays for the domain name? - need guidelines on this Chapter Committee 02/02/10
Wiki outsourcing and maintenance RFQ Matt and Dinis 02/02/10
Board members will sent their schedule request for 2010 conferences to Kate based on Quarterly schedule posted on conference page. Board 02/02/10
Closed Action Item/Issue